Fire Protection System Inspections & Servicing

Fire Extinguisher Recharging & Cylinder Testing

Our full service recharge and test facility can accommodate any manufacturers extinguishers. With over 25 years of experience Roger Carriere has serviced every style of extinguisher. From the common Dry Chemical to the Carbon Dioxide, or the Cartridge Operated extinguishers if the extinguisher meets current standards it will be serviced to fire code.

Bison Fire's service facility is certified by the Canadian Federal Government to Hydrostatically test both High Pressure Cylinders as well as Low Pressure Cylinders such as the Freon cylinders shown. Our Shop Manager Roger Carriere has over 25 years experience with this type testing and is considered one of the best in our industry.

Sprinkler System Inspection & Servicing

We provide inspections, service, and deficiency repairs to all types of sprinkler systems including Wet Systems, Dry Systems, Deluge Systems, and Pre-Action Systems. We also offer service for Back-Flow Preventers as well as Pump and Flow Testing. When combining these services with our Fire Alarm Division, and Suppression Extinguisher Division we offer a package that will ensure a smooth flow of operations for your company while these vital services are being performed.

We provide Obstruction Investigation and Prevention Testing using the Ridgid Micro Explorer Digital Inspection Camera. Digital Pictures are useful to ensure the integrity of your sprinkler system.

Remote and Isolated Community Servicing

Bison Fire Protection is pleased to offer service in remote, and isolated committee's that have airport access, or a landing strip. The service we can provide to your community includes:

  • Fire Alarm Inspections, Service, or Verifications
  • Emergency Lighting Inspections and Service
  • Fire Suppression System Inspections, and Service
  • Fire Extinguisher Inspections and Service


If you are not sure if you extinguisher needs or can be serviced please feel free to contact us.