Fire Extinguishers

We carry a variety of extinguisher manufacturers, and products.

This allows us to tailor the right product for your protection requirements.

From light usage in a daycare/residential, medium usage such as occupancy for the construction industry, or industrial heavy usage in factories, or mines we have the extinguisher that will give the maximum protection.

Cabinets provide both ascetics, and security. From offering that finishing touch in a new building, keeping weather, or other mishaps from occurring cabinets help ensure the integrity of your protection equipment.



Ansul Sentry


Ansul Sentry


When economy and performance are equally important, select from the SENTRY line of stored pressure, hand portable fire extinguishers. Designed for light to medium use, SENTRY extinguishers are available with dry chemical, carbon dioxide, or water.

Typical applications... Auto repair shops, banks, electrical equipment rooms, hotels, machining operations, material handling vehicles, offices, schools, warehouses, and others.

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Authorized Ansul Cartridge Refilling


Ansul Incorporated has had over 40 years’ experience in the manufacture, refill and testing of gas pressure cartridges.  The large volume of extinguishers produced by Ansul permits us to manufacture all gas cartridges used in Ansul fire equipment.  This volume also justifies elaborate equipment for testing every critical feature of Ansul gas cartridges.  This is important since the gas pressure cartridge is the heart of a cartridge and the extinguishers and suppression systems that require them for actuation.

Over the years rigid standards for refilling Ansul cartridges have been developed.  As new inspection procedures have been added, labor saving tools for automation have kept pace.

The tools, fixtures, gauges and other test equipment required for filling and testing gas cartridges to the standards of Ansul Incorporated, representing a sizeable capital expenditure, and the liability of non-conforming cartridges is substantial.  Only the factory and authorized agents such as Bison Fire Protection realize the volume necessary to justify this expenditure. 

A few Ansul gas cartridges are being refilled by those not authorized to do so.  We, like the N.F.P.A. and other agencies, wish to discourage this practice.  Those not authorized to fill Ansul cartridges cannot possibly afford to install proper tools, fixtures, gauges and other equipment when their volume of Ansul cartridges is low.  Likewise, when volume is small, certain obvious short cuts in testing procedures must be taken so the operation shows a profit. When you consider this and the liability issues that come from using non-conforming re-filled cartridges that could fail. The costs to your business, injuries or worse to personnel will be devastating.

Ansul Certificate





Ansul Red line

Ansul Red Line Cartridge-Operated

  • Rugged, durable, reliable fire protection
  • Ergonomically designed for maximum operator performance
  • Meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI/UL 299 and 711
  • DOT and USCG approved with proper bracket
  • Simple and safe operation
  • Maintenance checks can be easily made on every moving part
  • Field rechargeable
  • Four basic sizes (5, 10, 20 and 30) available with many options to suit your needs
  • Choice of dry chemical agents to satisfy specific protection requirements
  • First response fire fighting training available at the Ansul Fire School or through trained distributors
  • Manual, parts lists and training video tapes available



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Wheeled Fire ExtinguishersAnsul Wheeled Units

ANSUL RED LINE Wheeled fire extinguishers are made specifically to protect people and property in areas where the potential for large-scale fires is always present.

Airport facilities, loading docks, steel and iron mills, paint spray booths, dip and quench tanks, offshore platforms, loading racks, fual storage and heavy manufacturing areas, and similar settings can all benefit from the presence of a RED LINE Wheeled extinguisher.


  • Rugged, Durable and Reliable
  • Corrosion-resistant Finish
  • Multiple Extinguishing Agent Types
  • Training available at the world-renowned Ansul fire school
  • Listed and Approved
  • Six-year limited warranty

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Badger Extra

  • Available in four sizes, 2.5Ib, 5 Ib, 10 Ib & 20 Ib
  • Chrome plated brass valves
  • Stainless steel handle, lever, hose band and pull pin
  • Color coded labels for instant type recognition
  • Hex nut on hose for improved servicabiIity
  • Steel syphon tube for durability
  • Re-designed label incorporating easy to follow instructions and larger fire pictograms
  • Epoxy coated steel cylinders to resist corrosion, dents and punctures
  • 12 year interval between hydrotests
  • 90% M.A.P.
  • USCG approved

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Wet Chemical

The fire fighting power and user friendly design of the Badger Wet Chemical portable extinguishers make them the ideal choice for commercial restaurant applications.

These stored pressure extinguishers are suitable for use on combustible cooking media and offer the very best in portable fire protection.

Available in two sizes, 1.59 gallons (6 litres) and 2.5 gallons (9.43 litres), both meet the Class K test requirements and are designed to supplement pre-engineered restaurant suppression systems.


  • Available in two sizes, 6 litre and 2.5 gallons
  • Chrome plated brass valves
  • Stainless steel handle, lever, hose band and pull pin
  • Incorporates non-metal finger guard for safer operation and protective nozzle orifice seal to prevent nozzle blockage
  • Hex nut on hose for improved servicabiIity
  • Colour coded labels for instant type recognition
  • Re-designed label incorporating easy to follow instructions and larger fire classification symbols



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Badger Co2 systemCarbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide gives fast, safe and effective protection for fires involving electrical equipment and flammable liquids.

They are generally suited for use indoors, making them ideal for today’s office environments.

The cylinders are manufactured from lightweight high grade aluminum, they are highly effective, easy to use and leave no messy residue to clean up.


  • Available in four sizes, 5 Ib, 10 Ib, 15 lb & 20 Ib
  • Chrome plated brass valves and stainless steel handle and lever
  • Color coded labels for instant type recognition
  • Re-designed label incorporating easy to follow instructions and larger classification symbols
  • Lightweight impact resistant extruded aluminum shell for optimum strength
  • External epoxy coating on body shell adds extra protection to withstand extreme temperatures, dirty environments and UV degradation
  • Non ferrous construction
  • USCG approved


Badger's environmentally acceptable Halon alternative portable extinguishers are designed to meet any special hazard need where Halon-1211 was specified and used.

Halotron-1 is ideal for protecting office computer areas, data storage, telecommunications and high tech clean rooms. Halotron-1 meets EPA approval and is the government approved and specified clean agent alternative.


  • Available in four sizes, 2.5 lb, 5lb, 11lb & 15.5lb.
  • Chrome plated brass valves
  • Stainless steel handle, lever, nozzle and hose band.
  • Color coded labels for instant type recognition
  • Re-designed label incorporating easy to follow instructions and larger fire pictograms
  • Approved for use by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and SNAP listed.
  • Epoxy coated steel cylinders to resist corrosion, dents and punctures.
  • 12 year interval between hydrotests.
  • UL Listed



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Water Mist - Stored Pressure Fire Extinguishers

Is the ultimate extinguisher for class A fires, especially where a potential Class C (electrical) hazard exists. The fine spray from the unique misting nozzle provides safety from electrical shock, greatly enhances the cooling and soaking characteristics of the agent and reduces scattering of the burning materials. Unequivocally the best extinguisher for hospital environments, telecommunications facilities and "clean room" manufacturing facilities.

Environmental Friendly:

  • No O.D.P
  • No EPA phase out or restrictions
  • No Global warming concerns
  • Non magnetic construction (Models B270NM / B272NM)


  • No toxicity
  • No respiratory concerns
  • De-ionized water extinguishing agent
  • Exclusive crevice free, butt welded cylinder
  • Antiseptic white paint finish 
    (easy to clean interior & exterior)
  • No powder residue



User Friendly:

  • Wand provides greatest operator safety
  • Maximum visibility during discharge
  • No electrical conductivity back to the operator
  • No thermal or static shock
  • Minimal training - simplest to use, least expensive agent available