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Bison Fire - Special Hazards & IT

Unique Systems for Unique Needs

The more complex the building, the more attention must be paid to proper protection. Whether this means creating fire suppression systems for small enclosures, or designing full-scale protection for large hazardous material labs – Bison Fire has the experience and the products you need to ensure the safety of your structures.

We have created many unique systems and installations for a variety of applications and requirements.

Our large selection of products and history of custom fire protection system design have allowed Bison Fire Protection to work with many industries. From designing systems to fit with new structures, to retrofitting existing systems to suit new needs, we will work with you to ensure your fire protection needs are met in an efficient, budget-conscious manner.

Special Systems for Information Technology Applications

The IT industry has some of the most complex, specific requirements for fire protection. Bison Fire has experience working with these needs to create highly customized fire suppression systems for applications as large as data centres, to as compact as mobile servers.

Customized Special Hazard Fire Suppression

Special hazard fire suppression systems are often used in places where other agents present a problem. In environments where gaseous fire suppression is needed, or where enclosed spaces require non-toxic agents to protect occupants, either one of two systems is typically used: clean gas suppression systems, or pre-action chemical suppression systems.

Clean gas suppression systems are common where electrical equipment is used, or where sensitive materials, such as archives or computer components are stored.

Pre-action fire suppression systems act as hybrids between wet- and dry-pipe sprinkler systems, often designed with special safety checks to ensure false activations do not occur.

Dry Chemical Suppression systems are another commonly used solution for unique fire solutions and larger hazards such as warehouses, flammable storage areas where water is not an option.




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