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Bison Fire - Special Hazards & ITFacing the Unique Challenges of Forestry

The forestry, landfill, and metal recycling industries face unique challenges. Machinery used in these industries all operate in remote locations on rugged terrain. They require specific fire suppression systems to ensure there is no loss of equipment, production, or life.

In the field, they are surrounded by flammable material, and are subject to a buildup of flammable debris. Along with oils, fuel, and rubber the list is extensive.

The potential for a costly vehicle or machinery fire is not only possible, but almost certain.

Bison Fire Protection Inc. has solutions specifically designed for forestry fire protection.

Kidde Fire Systems offers a complete range of products to protect your timber operation from fire, no matter how harsh the environment. Kidde Fire Systems offers a unique approach to fire protection- total system solutions.

Bison Fire Protection is certified to install and maintain systems such as the KVS, the Sentinel SA1-NET detection systems, and the Sentinel DCS and Aqua Green series of suppression systems for vehicle protection.  These automatic and manual systems provide excellent protection for large machinery, designed for the needs of heavy duty, remote work.

Kidde Fire Protection System

Bison Fire - Kidde Fire Protection System

The Kidde KVS systems are Pre-engineered systems consisting of a pressurized cylinder to store the dry chemical, or Aqua Green wet extinguishing agent. There is an agent delivery system consisting of flexible hoses and fixed nozzles and actuation systems to trigger the release of the suppressant agents.

Kidde offers three different types of actuation systems: Automatic, Remote Manual, and Local Manual.

Fully Automatic

The Automatic Actuation System consists of strategically located Thermostats, Linear Heat Sensing (LHS) cable, or IR Detectors which detect the temperature increase (indicating a fire) and send a signal to the SA1-NET control panel. From the panel, a command is sent to an electromechanical actuator which releases pressurized nitrogen to the pneumatic actuators located on each agent cylinder. The agent is released into a delivery system of high pressure hoses, through the nozzles, onto the hazard area.

Bison Fire - Kidde Fire Protection SystemNote: Manual operation of the fully automatic system may be achieved by either Local Manual or Remote Manual means at owner’s discretion.

Remote Manual

The Remote Manual System consists of a manually operated mechanical actuator which releases pressurized nitrogen through a hose to the pneumatic actuators located on each canister of suppression agent.

Local Manual

The Local Manual System is manually actuated by the operator using a lever located on top of the suppression agent canister(s).

For information on these systems please contact us and we’ll be pleased to assist you.