Commercial Kitchen Fire Protection

Prepare for New Safety Standards

Safety codes relating to commercial kitchens change regularly.

With the introduction of high efficiency appliances and vegetable cooking oils, kitchen fires are now both more common and harder to extinguish.

Bison Fire Protection provides only the best in commercial kitchen fire suppression systems, specializing in fire detection and suppression system installations and servicing from Ansul, Kidde and Range Guard.



What Do New Standards Mean?

Stringent new standards recognize increased threats from new appliances and cooking materials.

In order to address these changes in the commercial cooking environment, new standards require testing that more closely matches the real situations of use for fire suppression systems - including a restriction to testing only commercially available equipment, rather than mock-up appliances.

These new regulations mean better safety for kitchen staff, and can result in reduced insurance coverage costs for restaurant management.

If you have any questions about how to address the new standards - or what is required to upgrade your restaurant fire protection system - contact us.



Authorized Ansul Cartridge Refilling


Ansul Incorporated has had over 40 years’ experience in the manufacture, refill and testing of gas pressure cartridges.  The large volume of extinguishers produced by Ansul permits us to manufacture all gas cartridges used in Ansul fire equipment.  This volume also justifies elaborate equipment for testing every critical feature of Ansul gas cartridges.  This is important since the gas pressure cartridge is the heart of a cartridge and the extinguishers and suppression systems that require them for actuation.

Over the years rigid standards for refilling Ansul cartridges have been developed.  As new inspection procedures have been added, labor saving tools for automation have kept pace.

The tools, fixtures, gauges and other test equipment required for filling and testing gas cartridges to the standards of Ansul Incorporated, representing a sizeable capital expenditure, and the liability of non-conforming cartridges is substantial.  Only the factory and authorized agents such as Bison Fire Protection realize the volume necessary to justify this expenditure. 

A few Ansul gas cartridges are being refilled by those not authorized to do so.  We, like the N.F.P.A. and other agencies, wish to discourage this practice.  Those not authorized to fill Ansul cartridges cannot possibly afford to install proper tools, fixtures, gauges and other equipment when their volume of Ansul cartridges is low.  Likewise, when volume is small, certain obvious short cuts in testing procedures must be taken so the operation shows a profit. When you consider this and the liability issues that come from using non-conforming re-filled cartridges that could fail. The costs to your business, injuries or worse to personnel will be devastating.