Booth & Enclosure Fire Suppression

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From paint booths to laboratory enclosures, fire suppression in sealed areas has very specific requirements. Compensating for challenges with air flow, hazardous materials and other situational challenges is important to ensure the safety of the people, products and materials that these enclosures may contain.

Bison Fire Protection sells, installs and services enclosed space fire suppression systems from Kidde - a recognized leader in industrial fire safety.




Kidde Fire Systems

Kidde IND Systems are available in two basic configurations. In a local application system, the nozzles are positioned either overhead or tankside to deliver the dry chemical agent directly onto the hazard being protected.

A total flooding system, recommended for protection of enclosed room and processes, rapidly floods the protected area with dry chemical agent to create an atmosphere that will not support combustion but is non-toxic to personnel.

How the System Works: 

  1. Fire detectors sense fire heat in work area, plenum or duct... a signal is sent to the Control Panel.
  2. The Control Panel electrically activates the Cylinder Control Head, which opens the cylinder valve and actuates the system.
  3. The Control Panel sounds an alarm, notifies the fire authorities and shuts down airflow in the hazard area.
  4. The fire is suppressed as dry chemical is propelled by stored pressure through the discharge pipes and nozzles into the protected area.

If you have any questions about how to address the new standards - or what is required to upgrade your restaurant fire protection system - contact us.