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Why Nurse Call Systems Are Critical

When the time comes that yourself, or a loved one, requires acute or long-term medical care and treatment, you’ll want to know that immediate medical needs can, and will be, met. Bison Fire Protection is now proud to assist in the process of providing immediate and quality medical care, as a Jeron Nurse Call distributor for Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and NorthWest Ontario, all the way up to Thunder Bay.

What is the Jeron Nurse Call System?

A nurse call system is the primary method of communication between patients and staff in any health care facility. Used to alert nurses or other medical staff of immediate patient needs, many nurse call systems simply use a “call button” to alert on-duty staff of any patient needs.

The Jeron Nurse Call system enhances communication within healthcare facilities by providing nurses with a means of communication not only with patients, but with one another. With various nurse call systems developed to meet the specific needs of health care facilities, Jeron Nurse Call systems provide basic call systems, through to flexible communication systems, that provide effective networks between staff members, as well with patients.

Where Jeron Nurse Call Systems Fit

Nurse call systems are a necessity for any health care facility that require immediate patient to staff communication. These call systems are in place to protect all patients, and assist them with any care that may be required. Patient placement in to these facilities is often not by choice, so developing and providing a safe environment for clients and their families is of the utmost importance.

Jeron’s Nurse Call systems can help any healthcare facility efficiently communicate and react to patient’s alerts, including acute care hospitals, nursing home facilities, assisted living complexes, long-term care facilities, and daily medical clinics.

The Necessity of a Professional Nurse Call System

Whether you or your loved one is undergoing a relatively simply day surgery, or must learn to make a long-term care facility a home, patients deserve to feel protected and safe in any medical situation. There are four types of Jeron Nurse Call systems with varying capabilities based on a facility’s needs:

  • Provider 790 Nurse Call: The Provider 790 completely alerts, develops reports and enhances workflow with IP communication solutions, that can work for an entire facility.
  • Provider 680 Nurse Call: This powerful system utilizes integrated communications, to provide superior patient care and overall satisfaction.
  • Provider 680 Tone-Visual Nurse Call: This system comes with Audio-Visual and Tone-Visual aspects, to provide both notification and alerting needs of any care facility.
  • Pro-Alert 610 Nurse Call: The Pro-Alert 610 Nurse Call allows staff members to receive notification of patient’s immediate needs, using tones and indicators at individual nurse consoles, duty stations and light indicators located outside of patient areas.

How to Properly Maintain the Jeron Nurse Call System

Since nurse call systems are utilized daily within many healthcare facilities, ensuring that they are in proper working condition is both necessary and mandatory for patient’s well-being and comfort. Test out these call systems at the same time as other emergency systems, and be sure to take note of any communication errors that may arise.

As an official distributor for the Jeron Nurse Call systems in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and North Western Ontario, Bison Fire Protection is there to help healthcare facilities in the installation, maintenance, and ongoing expert knowledge surrounding the Jeron Nurse Call Systems.

Contact Bison Fire Protection at 866-441-3473 or email at to learn more about our fire prevention services, and to schedule an appointment with a Jeron Nurse Call system expert today.


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