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Why Commercial Fire Sprinkler Inspections Are Important

Bison Fire's Guide to why commercial Fire Sprinkler Inspections Are Important

When it comes to protecting against the potentially devastating impact that a commercial fire can have on both people and property, there’s no replacement for a properly installed and maintained fire sprinkler system. In fact, these types of systems have been protecting commercial businesses from disaster since the late 19th century!

As a result of over a century of use and continued improvement, commercial fire sprinkler systems, which are designed to respond to heat instead of smoke and activate early to suppress a fire until the fire department can arrive with an additional blast of water, have become extremely efficient methods of fire suppression.

However, many businesses have allowed the regularly scheduled inspections and routine maintenance on these lifesaving systems to lapse, sometimes dangerously behind. After all, if your business isn’t regularly experiencing fire safety issues then it can be easy for fire sprinkler maintenance to be “out of sight, out of mind.”

At Bison Fire Protection we’re committed to delivering exceptional service and solutions that keep our customers, their staff, and their businesses safe. Our goal is to inform our customers and keep our friends and neighbours safe, which is why we’re sharing these important statistics about commercial fire safety inspections. Take a look:

Fire Sprinkler Stats You Need to See

A report from the National Fire Prevention Foundation (NFRP) found that even the most reliable sprinkler systems can be prone to failure. They shared shocking statistics that explain the major reasons for fire sprinkler system failure; take a look:

  • 17% failed due to lack of maintenance. If your commercial fire sprinkler system isn’t well-maintained, then the chances are likely that it may not operate properly in the event of an emergency.


  • 6% failed due to manual intervention with the system. In these cases an individual at the business turned off, or potentially damaged, the monitoring system which could have prevented a fire.
  • 64% of failures were due to a system shut off before the fire began. Regular inspections and maintenance are critical to ensuring that your system is always fully operational in the event of an emergency.
  • 7% of failures occurred due to component damage. Here, again, we see the need for regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance.
  • 6% of failures were due to an inappropriate system type for the type of fire. A competent fire protection technician (like our experts here at Bison Fire Protection) can help you determine the appropriate type of commercial fire sprinkler for your needs, so you can avoid this kind of emergency.

Your Winnipeg Fire Protection Experts

A well-maintained commercial fire sprinkler system is one that is always ready to deploy in the event of a fire. When was the last time you had yours inspected? Contact the team at Bison Fire Protection by calling 866-441-3473 today. We provide top-notch fire safety services in Winnipeg, Brandon, Thompson, Kenora, Regina, and Saskatoon.

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