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The Benefits of Wet VS Dry Chemical Systems

Two of the most common types of fire suppression systems available for commercial use are wet chemical suppression systems, and dry chemical suppression systems.

Both of these types of systems have specific advantages and situations where they are the most effective choice for your fire protection needs. If you’re not sure which of these two options is the right choice for you and your business, keep reading to better understand the differences between these two systems, and how to use them to keep yourself, your property, and your employees safe:

Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression systems which use dry chemicals compounds in order to effectively suppress fires, and are a great way to protect your property and investments if a water source isn’t available to help extinguish fires.

Some of the benefits of dry chemical fire suppression systems are:

  •  Easy to install
  • Perfect for industrial settings
  • Available in ABC or BC
  • Must be recharged after each use
  • Many affordable options

Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Systems

Instead of using dry chemicals to suppress fires, wet chemical fire suppression systems, as the name implies, use wet chemicals to suppress fires.

This type of fire suppression system is used primarily in commercial kitchens because as the liquid hits a burning surface it reacts with the fats and oils on the surface it creates a thick foam which instantly cools the surface and prevents the fire from reigniting.

Some benefits of wet chemical fire suppression systems are:

  • Systems are designed specifically for commercial kitchen hoods, ducts and appliances
  • These systems never cause discharge overflow
  • Don’t take long to recharge
  • Dry pipe systems mean you don’t have to worry about freezing
  • Provides complete protection to all fire hazards simultaneously

However, even though it’s important to install wet chemical suppression systems in your commercial kitchen, we recommend “doubling up” your fire protection by installing fire sprinklers, as well. This added layer of protection will ensure that your kitchen, employees, and investments are as protected as possible in the event of a fire.

Why Install a Fire Suppression System?

Fire suppression systems provide early detection to help you quickly become aware of a fire and provide an added layer of protection when they start by suppressing as much of the fire as possible. This is why it’s critical to have systems which launch into action immediately and self-activate rather than being time delayed.

Questions About Fire suppression?

If you’d like to learn more about the differences between these two popular types of fire suppression systems, or to learn more about fire equipment and how our professional services can help keep you safe, contact a technician from Bison Fire Protection by filling out our contact form or giving us a call (204) 237-3473.

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