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Staying Fire-Safe This Festival Season

Bison Fire's Tips for Staying Safe This Festival Season

Summer is here and festival season is in full swing. Whether you’re camping for a night, a day, or for a week, spending some time away as a music festival is one of the best ways to take a break from day-to-day life and make new memories.

However, spending any amount of time sleeping, cooking, and sitting around a campfire comes with its own set of hazards which must be taken into consideration in order to make sure you and anyone else you’re camping with has a safe and enjoyable experience.

What can you do to stay fire safe this festival season? Follow these simple steps:

Test Equipment Before You Camp

Most camping accidents happen because people are using unfamiliar equipment in a new environment where they may be distracted or inebriated.

With this in mind, always test your camping equipment before you arrive at the festival; fit on gas canisters or practice using a new stove in your own backyard when you are sober and have ample access to water and emergency services.

Plan for Fires

Whenever possible, arrive during full daylight hours and look for a campsite which has a cooking area that is away from the tree line, has escape routes in the event of an emergency, a nearby water source, and a clear path to help if it’s needed.

Read any safety notices around the campsite and make an escape plan, and keep water in your tent and around the fire pit or camping stove in case of emergencies.

Never Throw Gas Canisters Into a Fire

Gas canisters can become projectiles which can explode and send shrapnel everywhere if they are thrown into the fire, or left too close to a heat source.

If you think there’s a gas canister in the fire or in a burning tent, sound the alarm and make sure that everyone stays at least 300 ft  away until help arrives.

Spread Your Tents Out

Many festivals don’t have ample camping space for tents, but try to keep tents at least 20 ft apart if at all possible. If you can’t spread your tents out, stay fire-safe by keeping lit cigarettes and flames away from your tent, and make sure to extinguish any flames or fires before going to bed.

Additionally, never bring candles, electric torches, or flammable liquids caping, and never leave them in or near your tent.

Follow the Festival Rules

While much of fire safety comes down to simple common sense, it’s important to make sure to read the festival and campground rules to make sure that you are complying with them in full before starting to enjoy the festivities.

For example, some festivals may have rules about campfires or heaters, keeping fires a below a specific height, etc. Your safest bet is always to check in advance.

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