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Spring Has Sprung: 4 Tips for a Fire-Safe Spring Season

Bison Fire's 4 Tips for a Successful Spring

Spring is finally beginning to show it’s true colours in the prairie, with parts of the area even experiencing grass fires from an extremely dry April. Although it’s easy to think about spring and all of the fun that the warmer months will bring, it’s important that homeowners and commercial building managers consider the safety of their built environments before heading out for a summer full of adventure.

While performing your annual spring clean of your home or business, make sure that implement the following tips and tricks for a fire-safe spring season.

1.  Clean Your Garage and Remove Potential Fire Hazards

For many, their garage or storage room is their “catch-all” area of the home. It’s where old school papers are kept, propane tanks are stored, and plenty of other rarely-used items call home. Because of this, it’s easy for these areas to get cluttered with a wide variety of flammable objects that can make a small fire a catastrophic event in a matter of moments.

While you’re doing your spring clean, take time to get into your garage and clean out unused items and organize kept items in a way that is not cramped and allows people to move in and out freely.

2. Inspect and Test Your Fire Safety Equipment

A rainy spring day is the perfect occasion to take care of necessary household tasks, so why not add testing the smoke alarms to the list? These should be tested on a monthly basis anyways, but your indoor day provides you with the opportunity to change the batteries, as well. While you’re at it, check your flashlight’s battery level, change the batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors, and make sure that your fire extinguishers have not expired over the past year.

3. Make Your Home and Yard Fire-Safe

With spring cleaning comes yard work. You may already have piles of dried outdoor debris raked into neat piles and brown bags. If this is the case, make sure that they are kept a fair distance from your home, as they are extremely flammable, especially during years where the spring weather is more on the dry side.

Similarly, keep other flammable items and objects a safe distance from your home as well. This includes things like propane, gasoline, and grills or charcoal BBQs. Ideally, a yard will have a stone detached garage or a small shed in the yard to keep these items when they’re not in use.

4. Review and Rehearse Your Fire Safety Plan

Fire safety is an important part of home or business ownership. To protect yourself, your employees, and your loved ones, review your fire safety plan in the spring to ensure that all fire safety equipment is up-to-date and that everyone knows what to do in the case of a fire-related emergency. Clean up any clutter, and inspect all rooms of your home or business to make sure designated fire routes are accessible to all.

By taking the above fire safety precautions, you can ensure that you’ll have a fun, fire-safe transition into the summer months.

Are you interested in updating your home or businesses fire safety equipment? At Bison Fire Protection, we’re always ready to provide fire safety equipment services in Winnipeg, Brandon, Thompson, Kenora, Regina, and Saskatoon. Call 866-441-3473 to schedule your next appointment, or contact us online today.

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