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Protecting Your Sprinklers Using Heavy-Duty Fire Sprinkler Head Guards


Behind every fire sprinkler is a series of pipes filled with water, ready to discharge at a moment’s notice. However, unwanted collisions with sprinkler heads can unintentionally trigger a discharge, leading to stressful and costly flooding situations.

While many fire codes require protection for impact-prone sprinklers, standard head guards - the go-to-devices used in impact protection - often aren’t designed to withstand some of the hits that a fire sprinkler may face in a large warehouse, manufacturing facility, or high-traffic area within a business.

In recent years many business owners have begun investing in heavy-duty fire sprinkler head guards as a method of protecting their sprinklers from damage and keeping their buildings safe from accidental floods.

How Do Heavy-Duty Fire Sprinkler Head Guards Work?

As many of us know, automatic fire sprinklers are equipped with a mechanical trigger - usually a small metal link or a glass bulb - which is joined to the sprinkler head with a heat-sensitive solder.

Unfortunately, these parts are often so delicate that they can be triggered from a bump by something as light as a clothes hanger.

While it’s rare that manufacturing defects will cause heat-sensitive components to break, there are a variety of situations where an accidental discharge - vandalism, carelessness, and other day-to-day incidents - can trigger an unwanted flood that can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

This is where heavy-duty fire sprinkler head guards save the day: these enclosures surround the fire sprinkler and prevent it from being bumped, jostled, hit, and otherwise collided with by accident.

By erecting a physical barrier (heavy-duty steel wiring) around your fire sprinklers you can protect your business, equipment, and investments easily, and feel secure in knowing that an act of carelessness or vandalism won’t trigger a flood.

Where Are Heavy-Duty Fire Sprinkler Head Guards Needed?

Any business, residential building, or facility that sees a lot of traffic may benefit from having a heavy-duty sprinkler head guard installed.

However, because of the high level of foot traffic, movement, and potential for chaos, places like schools, shopping malls, apartments, gymnasiums, libraries, and similar public facilities may see an added benefit from installing these protective guards.

Protective guards can be easily installed over existing fire sprinklers in very little time, and can provide years of comfort in knowing that an accidental bump or jostle won’t cause your sprinkler to activate.

For more information on heavy-duty fire sprinkler heads, and whether or not your business or facility may benefit from having them installed to protect your fire sprinklers, contact the experts at Bison Fire Protection today by calling 1-866-441-3473.

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