Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Manitoba BOLD Technology Adoption Pilot Program

The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce introduced the Manitoba BOLD Technology Adoption Pilot Program to over 90 guests this morning. Speakers included Dave Angus of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, Gail Blanchette of BDC, Ray Hope of Quantus Software, Ron Koslowsky of CME Manitoba, Michael Selei of BDC, Rob Read, and Emile Jolicoeur of Bison Fire Protection.

We are the first company to have joined the program and were asked to provide a testimonial describing what led to our decision to join the pilot, and how we see this adoption of technology allowing us to continue to build, and grow our company.

This was a great opportunity to showcase the Manitoba BOLD initiative that the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce has launched, and once again demonstrates the true leadership that Manitoba entrepreneurs have. To have four corporations coming together to help small/medium businesses grow, and compete nationally and internationally is fantastic. The future is BOLD!

The purpose of the pilot program is to:

•           Identify financial and operational constraints due to a lack of technology adoption

•           Address these constraints through business automation and efficiencies that deliver a defined ROI & value creation for exit strategies

•           Demonstrate the measurable impact that technology adoption creates for Manitoba manufacturers and service providers

Target audience for this pilot program is:

•           Manufacturing & Service-based companies that have a large inventory component

•           Annual company sales between $2M and $20M, with a track record of continued growth

•           Financial & Operational performance being adversely impacted by operational issues

Pilot program format:

•           Phase 1 – Business Assessment

o          BDC – Financial Diagnostic and  Performance Evaluation

o          Quantus – Process Flow and Operational Assessment

o          CME – Lean Assessment

•           Phase 2 – Technology Adoption & Process Improvement

o          Implement business automation

o          Implement process improvements

o          6-month Re-assessment (optional)

o          12-month Re-assessment (optional)

Benefits for Participants:

•           Detailed review of company processes & performance and identify opportunities for improvement

•           Performed by a collaborative group of industry experts

•           Business Intelligence, increased growth, and value creation for exit strategies

For more information please contact:

JP Madden                                                                  Gail Blanchette

VP, Business Development                                        Partner Consulting

Quantus Software                                                       Business Development Bank of Canada

Phone: (204) 478-1308                                               Phone: (204) 983-6951    

Email: JPMadden@quantussoftware.com                  Email: gail.blanchette@bdc.ca

There is protection within the herd!

Emile Jolicoeur Speaking at the MB BOLD Technology LaunchRob Read Speaking at the MB BOLD Technology Launch

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