Thursday, March 10, 2011

MOPIA Continues To Protect Our Environment

Bison has been a longstanding member of MOPIA. (Manitoba Ozone Protection Industry Assn.) They have been instrumental in the safe removal, and destruction of Halon in Manitoba, as required by Environment Canada. They also provide training for technicians in the fire protection industry, as well as technicians working with air conditioning which is everything from HVAC to automotive.


The goal of the Manitoba ozone protection initiative is to work towards protection of the stratospheric ozone layer through the control, reduction and eventual elimination of emissions of ozone depleting and climate changing substances to the atmosphere. This includes an innovative partnership between industry, the public and government. MOPIA is committed to working within our objectives to successfully accomplish this challenging goal. Please enjoy our newsletter.


If you have questions about Halon 1310, or Halon 1211 we have the answers.



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