Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Join Us at the CHES Manitoba Show on April 24th

Bison Fire at the MB CHES Show

On April 24th, the Canadian Healthcare and Engineering Society (CHES) will be holding their 2017 Manitoba chapter conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba. CHES is a national, professional association that represents around 1000 engineers and associates in the healthcare field from all around Canada. Together, they work to better develop and manage the ideal environment for the effective delivery of healthcare services.

This year, Bison Fire Protection will have a booth at the CHES Manitoba Show and want you to come and visit. Since 2001, Bison Fire Protection has offered a wide variety of fire protection services and products. Now, they also offer a full range of Jeron Nurse Call systems, that will be showcased at the CHES Manitoba Show. Learn how these sophisticated nurse call systems can help you best protect your loved ones through live demos with Bison Fire Protection.

Benefits of Attending the CHES Manitoba Show

With each passing year, there is a substantial development in health are equipment available to Canadians who work in or are patients of, the healthcare system. The CHES Manitoba Show allows you to experience the latest in cutting-edge nurse call technologies, and how they enhance communication abilities within any healthcare facility.

When you’re visiting the CHES Manitoba Show, visit the Bison Fire Protection booth to experience a demonstration of the Jeron Nurse Call system. These systems are designed with patient comfort and ease of communication in mind, and you’ll be amazed at how one simple technological upgrade can change the entire environment of your health care facility.

Learn More About Jeron Nurse Call Systems

Bison Fire Protection is now an official distributor of Jeron Nurse Call systems throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and North Western Ontario, all the way to Thunder Bay. These nurse call systems allow staff to attend to any immediate patient needs, while reassuring the families of patients that their loved one will get the care they require, when they need it most.

Much of the time, being placed in a healthcare facility is not a situation made by choice. Bison Fire Protection believes that all patients deserve proper, round-the-clock care, and want to share this practice with as many healthcare facilities as possible.

Immediate and timely care for all patients is of the utmost importance in the medical field, to avoid more drastic events from occurring. The Jeron Nurse Call systems meet the immediate alerting and communication needs of healthcare facilities, including long-term care facilities, nursing and skilled care homes, and acute care hospitals. Providing patients with access to timely medical care offers them peace of mind, no matter their situation.

On April 24th, come and visit the Bison Fire Protection booth at the CHES Manitoba Show. While we provide demonstrations of the Jeron Nurse Call system, we will also be providing information other services we provide hospitals, personal care homes, group homes, palliative care areas, and assisted living condominiums.

Bison Fire Protection professionals have the expertise to deliver exceptional results, and high-quality solutions, for your fire protection needs. Contact us today at 866-441-3473 for more information about how our services can help keep you and your loved ones safe.

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