Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Is Your Service Provider To Your Standards?

I recently attended a Fire Protection Seminar where the key note speaker focused on the quality of the company providing the fire protection service. Like all trades people, professional people, or civil servants not all companies are the same, and a little research into what their background is, and what exactly they are doing can be very enlightening.

Is the company itself certified to perform this type of service, and by what certifying body? Do they have the appropriate amount of liability insurance, and are they registered with the workers compensation board? Do they have a safety plan that meets today’s provincially legislated standards? Are their technicians licensed as well as certified, and by whom? Is the certification from a manufacturer, or is it a generic certificate that doesn’t provide follow-up bulletins, and warranty? Do they offer 24hour emergency service, and if so is it a really answering service, or an answering machine they check periodically?

These are all questions that help determine the quality of the company you are asking to protect your business, and possibly your life. The speaker went on to describe the quality, and condition of the vehicles they operate, and the personal grooming of their technicians as an indication of what might be going on behind the scenes. He used the example if you’re in a restaurant and the serving staff are poorly dressed, or dirty, what do you think the kitchen looks like?

While there are companies who have high integrity, and take pride in what they do. There are others who do not. A few minutes research may provide you with additional peace of mind.


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