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How to Reduce the Risk of Fire in Your Business

As we covered in a recent post, most businesses stand to lose tens of thousands of dollars if their business is affected by a fire. This can have long-lasting consequences on your business’ profitability, and can mean damage and even lead to the total destruction of investments like property, equipment, and stocked items.

The good news is that most fires are preventable, and with a little training and preparedness you can be confident that your business’ risk of damage due to a a fire is as low as possible.

Below are three key steps to preventing fires in your business:

1. Invest in Training and Education

Your employees play a pivotal role in reducing the risks of a fire in your business. This is especially true in the restaurant industry, where training kitchen staff on how to avoid a fire in an industrial kitchen can dramatically reduce the chances of a kitchen fire.

By taking the time to educate them on your emergency action plan, providing training on how to locate and operate your fire extinguishers, and by teaching them to spot a potential fire hazard, you can empower your employees to reduce the risks and avoid potential fire damage.

2. Invest in Regular Maintenance and Inspections

Does your business have a fire sprinkler system installed? If ‘yes’, do you know the last time it was installed, tested, and activated?

If you don’t know the answers to any of these questions, contact an expert from Bison Fire Protection for a thorough inspection of your business’ life safety system. Our highly trained technicians will make sure that your fire and safety systems meet both federal and provincial codes, and will make sure that your business is properly protected in the event of a fire.

3. Identify Fire Hazards

As we covered in our recent post, every business type is different when it comes to potential fire hazards, which means it’s critical to identify your business’ potential fire hazards and take the necessary steps to reduce those risks.

For most businesses a step as simple as identifying flammable liquids and making sure that they’re stored and handled properly can go a long way towards preventing a fire.

For businesses like restaurants, ensuring that your staff a properly trained to understand the fire risks associated with cooking equipment and regularly reviewing emergency fire procedures can have a lasting impact on the safety of your business.

4. Have the Proper Equipment Installed

If a fire does break out in your business, the only way to make sure that it doesn’t cause extensive and widespread damage is to have the proper equipment installed and tested before a fire occurs.

By working with qualified professionals to ensure that your fire safety equipment is ready to use and will work in the event of an emergency, you can give yourself the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to keeping your business fire-safe.

Whether it’s making sure your fire suppression system is up to code, installing additional fire alarms, or testing sprinkler systems, the experts at Bison Fire Protection are available to make sure that any on-site hazards are dealt with and and potential fire risks have been resolved.

If you operate a business in Winnipeg, Brandon, Thompson, Kenora, Saskatoon, or Regina and are looking to know more about how to protect your investment from fire damage, contact the experts at Bison Fire Protection by calling 866-441-3473 today to schedule an appointment with a fire safety experts.



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