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How to Encourage Your Employees and Managers to Take Fire Safety Seriously

Bison Fire - How to Encourage Your Employees and Managers to Take Fire Safety Seriously

How to Encourage Your Employees and Managers to Take Fire Safety Seriously

Although fires are a common emergency faced around the world, a large percentage of the population have not had to direct experiences with fire related emergencies. Without any experience regarding a fire at work or home, individuals may not be aware of the seriousness of fires or may assume that someone else will be able to deal with a fire emergency when it arises.

There is no one simple answer to how managers can get their staff members involved in your fire safety program. However, there certain steps and tips that can be taken at work to find the best route of action to get employees to take workplace fire safety seriously.

Actively Seek Employee Involvement

Don’t wait for your employees to suggest creating a fire safety group, but rather, go out and directly ask them. Communicate regularly with your employees, and listen to their propositions and fire safety questions.

Begin by asking how your employees want their fire safety system to work, and work together to develop results. By seeking out employees who do hold a genuine interest in fire safety in the workplace, you’ll create a team well-versed in fire safety knowledge to pass onto the rest of your staff.

Consistency Is Key

The more that individuals are involved in fire safety discussions, the more likely that the information will stay in their brain. Constantly work to improve your fire safety program, and use opportunities such as meetings to cultivate these fire safety discussions organically. 

Try starting your meetings with a quick safety talk, asking employees to discuss a step they’ve taken to improve safety in the workplace or review the locations of fire extinguishers and escapes. Integrate these discussions into the everyday work environment, and employees will realize just how crucial their knowledge of fire safety is to their livelihood.

Keep it Simple

Simplicity is key when it comes to establishing and keeping interest high in a fire safety plan. The fire safety plan should be useful, practical, and provide benefits for all employees. When discussing the plan, have a clear understanding of what it entails, so that you can communicate its most important aspects in a concise manner. Employees will appreciate and pay attention to a relevant and simple plan, rather than a complicated and confusing one.

Appreciate Staff Efforts

Your employees will work towards positive consequences, such as appreciative comments and addressing their concerns. By treating your safety team and dedicated employees with trust, honesty, and respect, their far more likely to continue taking your organization's fire safety seriously.

Perhaps you can give out paper slips thanking individuals for their fire safety efforts, or bring in the occasional treat to celebrate consistent safety practices. Listen to your employees, and let them know just how much their efforts are appreciated.

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