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How To Safely Burn Leaves This Fall

Bison Fire Safely Burn Leaves

For many people, burning leaves is a tradition that many families enjoy and look forward to each year as the seasons change and the days grow shorter and cooler. Often the sight and smells of these bonfires can signal the start of fall just as much as the first frost, or the sight of pumpkins and squash.

However, if you’re planning to burn leaves in your yard or in a field this season it’s important to take the necessary fire safety precautions in order to avoid dangerous situations where sparks and embers could escape and ignite your home, or surrounding trees and bushes.

Make sure to follow these important steps in order to stay safe while enjoying this autumn tradition:

Apply for an Open-Air Permit

If you live within the City of Winnipeg them you need to apply for a fire permit before you can legally burn leaves. Not only does applying for a permit ensure that you have the appropriate space and location, but it is critical that you obtain legal permission to burn your leaves. Otherwise you may find yourself facing legal action from the city.

If you’re outside of Winnipeg, make sure to check with your local city or municipal government to make sure that you apply for the appropriate permits.

Keep Your Fire Small

If you have lots of leaves to burn, don’t dump them into a huge pile and burn them all at once. This can easily get out of control and become an emergency situation very quickly, so limit your batch sizes to ones which can easily be controlled by the person in charge.

Only Burn Leaves During the Day

While the idea of burning your leaves during the night, or at twilight, may sound charming, it is incredibly unsafe to do so because it becomes harder to see what is happening around you at night. While the pile of leaves may be burning brightly, you may not notice embers or sparks ignite nearby greenery until the situation has escalated beyond your control.

Not only that, but it becomes harder to properly fight a large fire at night because you can’t easily access your fire extinguisher, hose, and other extinguishing supplies.

Never Leave Your Fire Unattended

Fire spreads more quickly than many of us realize, and while it may seem okay to run inside to answer the phone, use the washroom, or make a snack, you never know what a fire will do in your absence and it is critical that you never leave a fire unattended.

The best practice in these situations is to have one or two other capable adults with you while you burn your leaves, so that if you need to run inside for a moment you can be confident that your fire won’t be left unattended.

Keep A Fire Extinguisher Or Water Hose Nearby

A fire extinguisher in good working condition or a water hose kept in close proximity to the fire will aid in the event the fire begins to spread. If you can catch it early enough these types of protection will work. Fire grows exponentially if you can't get the fire back in control quickly call the fire department immediately. Never put the safety of yourself or others at risk.

Stay safe this season by trusting in the experts from Bison Fire Protection. Give us a call today at (204) 237-3473 to learn more about how we can help.

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