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How To Keep Your Pet From Starting A Fire

Pets and Fire

When we think about keeping our homes or cabins “fire safe” we often think to do the obvious things, like make sure that the smoke alarms have fully charged batteries, that candles aren’t left burning unattended, and that we keep the temperature low when cooking with grease and oil.

However, counter-surfing cats and overly-curious dogs can also cause their fair share of issues, as well. A cat may knock over even the most stable candle holders, an excited puppy may run into a lamp and knock it over, or spread hot ashes and embers from ashtrays and fireplaces.

In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association approximately 500 house fires recorded between 2006 and 2010 were attributed to animal and pet-related causes. While we can’t control what rats or mice which may live in our walls may get up to (fires can start from chewed, frayed wires) but by being mindful of our pet’s behavior we can ensure that our homes are as fire-safe as possible.

Below are a few easy ways you can keep Fluffy from starting a fire:

Be Careful with Candles

If you’re planning to have a romantic evening with candles strewn around (or even want a few on your desk or windowsill) then consider using electronic, flameless candles instead of a wick. Not only are these electronic candles less messy, but they also ensure that if your pet knocks them or the table they’re sitting on over, that there won’t be a fire.

If you prefer real candles then be vigilant about not leaving your pet alone with the lit candles.

Remove Stove Knobs

If you have a large dog who loves to “counter surf” by standing on his or her hind legs at the counter, then remove the stove knobs when you leave the house. According to the National Fire Protection Agency stove and cooktop fires are the kinds of fires most commonly started by pets.

Use the Right Dishes Outdoors

Do you leave out bowls for food and water on your wooden deck? If so, then make sure to use ceramic or stainless steel dishes instead of glass ones to lower your risk of a fire. Wooden deck fires can happen because as the light from the sun is filtered through the glass and water it begins to heat up, and can ignite the deck.

Keep an Eye Out

The easiest and most effective way to keep your home safe from fires is to be mindful of potential hazards which may exist, and to take care of them as soon as possible. For example, make sure to have an electrician in to fix any frayed wires (which are perfect playthings for cats), remove stove knobs if your pets love to explore your countertops, and make sure that problem areas like piles of paper, recycling, or garbage are removed from the home.

The fire safety experts at Bison Fire Protection are happy to help you prevent fires in your home or business. Give us a call at 204-237-3473 and find out more.

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