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How Often Should Your Fire Sprinkler System be Inspected?


The fire sprinkler system in your home or place of business is an important part of a thorough fire safety system. These types of fire protection devices are made up of a variety of components, including fire sprinkler heads, a main water supply, and pipes that work to distribute the water to the sprinkler heads in the case of a fire-related emergency.

To ensure that your fire sprinkler system is able to keep your property protected when you need it most, regularly occurring inspections are necessary. Without this regular maintenance and repairs, there is a chance that the system could fail during an emergency situation.

However, there is an optimal schedule in which specific components of your fire sprinkler system should be inspected:

Thoroughly Inspect Your Fire Sprinkler System 4 Times a Year

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the fire sprinkler system in your home or business should be comprehensively inspected four times each year to avoid malfunctions and identify areas of the system that require repair. Because these inspections are completed to make sure that the sprinkler system operates correctly, a professional fire safety service should be involved in the inspection process at least once per year.

Perform Once-Over Inspections Regularly

In addition to performing a thorough inspection of your fire sprinkler system at least four times each year, regularly occurring “mini” inspections are invaluable in helping to identify problematic areas before they require extensive or costly repairs. The NFPA recommends the following schedule for fire sprinkler system inspections:

On a weekly or monthly basis: Take time to inspect the gauges weekly or monthly, depending on the type of fire sprinkler system you have. It’s recommended that dry gauges be checked about once each week, while wet systems can be checked once per month.

On a quarterly basis: Around four times each year, make sure that all major components of your fire sprinkler system are checked thoroughly. These comprehensive inspections allow you to make sure that your sprinkler system will be ready to work if needed.

Once a year, and once every five years, schedule a fire sprinkler system inspection appointment with your local fire protection service provider. They will be able to perform interior and exterior inspections of your system and recommend any upgrades that may be necessary. 

Additionally, inspecting your fire sprinkler system after any construction, renovation, or remodeling process will help you make sure that you meet local fire safety regulations and codes while ensuring that the sprinkler system wasn’t damaged during the process. Because a fire protection service professional will be well-versed on the fire codes that your residential or commercial space must meet, they can help provide top-notch fire sprinkler system inspections and repairs.

To keep your home or business safe in the case of a fire-related emergency, it’s vital that your fire sprinkler system be inspected on a regular basis. Scheduling your fire safety inspections ahead of time will help you stay on top of your fire safety and keep you prepared for an emergency situation.

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