Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How Is Your Companies Fire Protection?

Bison Fire Protection Systems

No matter the type of business that you run, a fire can be a catastrophic event in any building. Whether the fire is contained in a small area, or the fire that destroys thousands, or millions, of dollars worth of inventory, these occurrences are devastating for business owners and employees.

Within your facility or place of business, protect your belongings, and more importantly, your employees, from the risk of a fire related emergency. The following four questions will help you to assess your existing emergency preparedness plans and equipment, and motivate you to take the appropriate steps to ensure that your business is protected all year long.

1. Have your fire hazards and risks been professionally assessed?

Although you may not think that your business is at risk of a large fire, that does not mean a fire-related emergency will not occur. No matter your businesses industry or size, having your fire hazards and risks professionally assessed should be completed to best protect your facility and your employees.

Clearly understanding the specific fire risks of your business is critical. A professional assessment will let you know exactly what your fire hazards are, and provide information regarding the safe storage and use of these items.

2. Does your business have the right fire protection equipment installed?

Most businesses with employees in a commercial or residential building require the installation of some sort of fire protection equipment. Whether that means a fire extinguisher, or a full-fledged fire suppression system, your business must be compliant with local codes. Contact a professional fire and safety protection provider to find out the codes in your area.

If you’re business regularly deals with large machinery or flammable substances, you may require the installation of a fire suppression system specifically tailored to the fire emergency needs of your business.

3. Are regularly scheduled equipment inspections performed?

Many pieces of fire protection equipment have expiration dates or require regular maintenance to keep the entire fire system in working order. Sprinkler systems, suppression systems, and fire extinguishers should be inspected annually, or more, depending on the size and age of the existing system. A trained staff member can perform some of these inspections and tests, but for larger systems or businesses, a professional should be called in for annual in-depth inspections.

4. Does your business have an emergency plan in place?

Do you and your employees know what to do in case of a workplace emergency? If not, it’s time to develop and implement an emergency plan. Emergency planning requires the cooperation of all staff members. Assemble a team of reliable members, each of whom will have a specific role to play in case of an emergency. Have a clear exit plan, a list of emergency numbers, and specifically listed steps of what to do if a fire or other emergency is found.

Bison Fire Protection offers professional fire equipment inspections, installations, and fire protection needs for any sized business. Call us today at 866-441-3743 to learn how our services can help keep your business and employees safe when an emergency occurs.

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