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Halloween Fire Safety Tips

Bison Fire's Halloween Tips

It’s October, which means that Halloween season is about to go into full swing. Many of us are looking forward to decorating with creepy candles, fake spiders webs, creepy candles, and our favourite Halloween costumes.

However, while these items often are the hallmarks of getting into the Halloween spirit, they also post an additional risk of fire hazards. If you’re planning to dress up and decorate your home this month, follow our steps to keep your home and loved ones protected from fires:

Halloween Decorating Safety Tips

Candles are one of the leading causes of home fires, resulting in over 15,000 fires each year and leading to some truly scary statistics:

  • Candle fires cause at least 166 deaths annually.
  • Candle-related fires are the cause of over 1,300 injuries.
  • Fires caused by candles cause $450 million in direct property damage.

Because Halloween is one of the most popular days for lighting candles, this holiday is among the top five days for candle-related fires. Avoid any real-life scares by following these decorating tips:

Use Battery-Operated Candles

Many people love putting candles in their jack-o-lanterns, but did you know that battery-operated candles are a perfect (and much safer) alternative? Just flip the switch and enjoy the spooky glow… without the potential for a fire hazard.

Another great option to go “candle free” is to experiment with using glow sticks instead of candles; these are also available in a variety of fun and interesting colours that can enhance your decorations without the potential of a fire.

Use Flashlights Instead of Candles or Tiki Torches

Many people love to light up their front yards and driveways with candles and tiki torches, but these can easily get knocked over and cause a fire. Not only does using flashlights keep your home and property protected, but they also minimize the risk that an excited trick-or-treater will brush against it in their costume.

Never Leave Candles Unattended

If you’re hooked on the idea of using candles to decorate then never, ever leave them unattended. Make sure to tell your children and trick-or-treaters to stay far away from any jack-o-lanterns or other decorations that are using candles.

Keep Combustible Decorations Away From Heat Sources

Remember: heat sources and combustible decorations don’t mix! Keep candles, portable heaters, and light bulbs away from decorations like dried flowers, crepe paper, corn stalks, and fake spider webs.

With these tips for decorating your home for Halloween you can keep this year’s celebrations festive, fun, and, most importantly, safe for everyone involved. For more fire safety tips, contact Bison Fire Protection today

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