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Grilling Safety Tips for National BBQ Week

The month of May is flying by fast! If you haven’t lit up your BBQ grill yet, there’s no better time to get started than National BBQ Week. From May 30th to June 6th, 2018, BBQ-lovers around the globe will be celebrating with those they love and food they can’t get enough of.

However, along with the ignition of your BBQ comes a responsibility to grill safely. According to information from the U.S. Fire Administration, grill-related fires causes $37 million of damage on average each year. To protect your property, yourself, and your loved ones, start implementing these grilling safety tips while you're celebrating National BBQ week and whenever you’re grilling this year.

Keep Your BBQ Grill a Safe Distance From Your Home

Just like you wouldn’t start a bonfire in a pit right outside your back door, you should aim to keep your grill a safe distance away from your home to lower your risk of damage during a fire-related emergency. Aim to keep your grill about 10 to 15 feet away from your home and any attached areas, including your garage, shed, or gazebo.

Make Sure You Have Fire Safety Equipment By Your Grill

It’s important to keep a portable fire extinguisher near where you’re cooking with heat, whether you’re inside or outside. Make sure that the fire extinguisher is within reach of your grill and that you’ve trained whoever will be around the grill how to properly activate and use the extinguisher. The PASS (pull, aim, squeeze, sweep) method is the easiest to teach, and most probably the easiest to remember.

However, if there is an occurrence that you cannot activate your fire extinguisher with ease or do not know how to use it effectively, immediately call 911 when a fire occurs.

Give Your Grill a Spring Cleaning

With regular use, debris like fat and grease tend to build up on grills. Make sure that you give your grill a thorough clean before your first use in the spring, and clean it regularly throughout its seasons of use.

What to Do If a Grill Fire Occurs

Because grease will be the most likely cause of a grill fire, it’s important that you have the right equipment and items to quickly extinguish the fire. Chat with your local fire safety equipment provider about the type of fire extinguisher best suited for your unique grill needs, and keep baking soda nearby to extinguish small grease fires on your grill.

Perform a Quick Check Before Starting Your Grill

Before lighting up your grill to cook your next meal, take a couple minutes to perform a quick inspection to make sure that your BBQ is in safe working order. Check connection points, including those between your propane tank and the grill itself, and tighten if they are loose.

You can also check for gas leaks on a regular basis with soap and water. Apply the mixture to your gas home and turn on the gas tank. When there is a leak, bubbles will begin to appear on the hose where the gas is leaking. Make sure that you immediately turn off the tank if you notice holes and have your grill professionally serviced and maintained.

Want some help to keep your grilling activities safe during National BBQ Week and beyond? Get in touch with Bison Fire Protection by calling 866-411-3473 today. We provide top-notch fire safety services in Winnipeg, Brandon, Kenora, Saskatoon, and Regina.

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