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Foam Fire Safety for Aircraft Hangars

Aircraft, whether for military or commercial use, are sophisticated and expensive pieces of equipment which must be stored in hangars where they can be protected from damage caused by the elements or people.

However, if you think leaving an aircraft in a hangar guarantees that it will always be safe, think again. Aircrafts run on fuel, which is flammable, and often containers of additional fuel are stored close by on the premises.

Additionally, regular maintenance activities often involve ignition sources which may be close to the aircraft or its additional fuel, leading to dangerous emergencies if proper precautions are not taken.

Because of the size of the spaces, the obstructions caused by the large aircraft, the additional fuel, and the variety of ignition sources nearby, it’s critical to follow proper procedures when installing a fire suppression system.

Fire Protection Systems for Aircraft Hangar

Generally, hangars which are used to store and service fueled aircraft can choose from these fire suppression systems

  • Automatic sprinklers combined with an automatic foam system.
  • Foam-water deluge system with additional foam systems under aircraft wings.
  • Automatic foam-water, closed-head sprinklers.
  • Low-expansion or high-expansion foam systems.

Hangars which also engage with hazardous operations such as fuel transfers, welding, torch cutting, and spray painting, should check to ensure that they are meeting the proper fire protection requirements.

Additionally, other precautions must be taken which include (but are often not limited to):

  • Handheld foam and/or water hoses.
  • Fire pumps and water storage tanks.
  • Pumps and tanks for storing concentrated foam agents.
  • Protection for structural steel columns.
  • A trench draining system on the hangar floor.

How to Choose the Right Fire Protection System for Your Aircraft Hangar

As you can see, there are many design choices to choose from, and it’s essential that whatever you choose the appropriate system for your hangar that complies with federal, provincial, and municipal legislation.

If you need help, the experts at Bison Fire Protection can help you inspect, design, install, repair, and even replace your aircraft hangars’ foam fire suppression system, including ANSUL Fire Suppression Systems.

These foam systems are designed for suppressing flames in areas with large quantities of stored flammable liquids, making them the ideal choice for fighting the types of fires which may break out in aircraft hangar.

Need help deciding how to protect your aircraft hangar? Contact Bison Fire Protection for service in Winnipeg, Thompson, Kenora, Brandon, Regina, or Saskatoon. Contact us for your fire protection solutions and services today.

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