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Do You Know What to Do If a Fire Starts in Your High-Rise?

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If we think back to our fire safety training, we know that the first thing we need to do in the event of a fire is to evacuate the building as quickly as possible once a fire alarm system has been activated.

However, with more high-rise buildings being built every year across the prairies, many of our customers have asked us questions about building evacuation in these types of buildings.

Not only are many office complexes taking up space in high-rise buildings, but increasing numbers of residential high-rise buildings are being built to accommodate the boom for housing in many Canadian provinces.

With that in mind, we wanted to answer some of your most pressing questions about high-rise building evacuation:

High-Rise Evacuation: The Basics

The first thing to consider when thinking about how to safely evacuate a high-rise is to remember that some high-rise buildings can hold several thousand occupants at any time, which can cause a lot of problems when the building needs to be evacuated.

Many building occupants may have problems descending down multiple flights of stairs, and when hundreds or thousands of people are trying to cram themselves down the same set of stairs it can become dangerous and time-consuming for them to all reach the ground floor safely.

In most cases, the floor where the fire started, as well as the floors immediately above and below, should be the first to evacuate using the stairs to a floor several floors below, and wait for instructions. 

What To Do When You’re Trapped in a High-Rise Building

In the event that a fire becomes too large and dangerous and you aren’t able to evacuate safely, the most important thing to remember is: stay calm.

Stay in an enclosed area with the door closed, and seal any cracks around the door to keep smoke from entering the room.

Once you’re safe in the room, do not try to exit by breaking a window or climbing out, as the broken glass could hurt you or rescue workers. Instead: call the fire department and give them your exact location. If possible, hang a cloth or something brightly-coloured out of the window so rescue workers can find you.

If there is no smoke outside of the window it can be opened slightly, but if smoke starts to enter the room through the open window close it immediately.

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