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Did You Know These Household Items Are Flammable?

Bison Fire's DYK The Holdhold Items are Flamable

When you think about places in your home that could be the source of a fire, there are probably some obvious answers (chimney, stove, etc.) that come to mind, but there are more flammable items in your house than you may think.

The list that follows is organized by room, and should be your go-to guide when it comes to identifying, managing, and protecting against fires in these key areas.

Check them out:

Flammable Household Items By Room


While the stovetop, oven, and even the motor in your fridge may seem like obvious options, fire hazards are hanging out in an area you may not expect: around your kitchen sink.

Disinfectant sprays and drain cleaners are extremely flammable household items, and even your dish detergent can pose a hazard by releasing toxic gases into your home if ignited.

Aerosol cans have the potential to be explosive, since there are gases in these containers that contain a lot of pressure.


Bathrooms are where most of us keep personal grooming items and toiletries, many of which are flammable. For example, nail polish remover, a common item found under most sinks, contains the flammable chemical acetone.

Other common items such as rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer are also flammable, so be sure to use them a safe distance away from a heat source.

Aerosol cans of hairspray, dry shampoo, sunscreen, and bathroom cleaners also have the potential to explode if left near to heat sources like hair dryers and curling and straightening irons.

Laundry Room

Would you believe that your laundry room is one of the most dangerous rooms in your home? It’s true! The water heaters and dryers, stain removers, detergents, and bleach all pose threats.

Water heaters and dryers have the potential to overheat or spark, and the flammable liquids in the room can let out toxic gasses when heated.

Make sure to store your laundry products away from heat sources and regularly clean out the lint drawer in your dryer!


Most of us use garages to store objects that we don’t want to keep in our homes, and if you’re storing flammable items in your garage it’s prudent to keep them stored in cabinets, especially during the summer months when you may use your garage more often.

Never place flammable items like pesticides, paints, thinners, lighter fluids, antifreeze and gasoline near water heaters or furnaces, 

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