Thursday, March 31, 2011

Details Are Imporant When Providing Great Service

Fire Suppression systems that you would find in Restaurants, Body Shops, Computer Rooms, Mobile Equipment, and many other interesting places require semi-annual inspection to ensure they will operate when truly needed. Part of the inspection that we do includes firing a test cartridge to ensure the integrity of the copper lines, and correct operation of the system valve actuator(s). We also test fire the system from the manual pull station, change the fusible links, or test the heat detectors. We ensure the Gas Valve, or electrical contactors are working, and that there is annunciation to the fire alarm panel. Last of all we perform a puff test to ensure there are no blockages inside the piping. Altogether there are almost 30 different items we inspect, and test while on site.

Recently Ryan Fraser one of our senior technicians was performing this type of inspection at The Academy Restaurant. When he fired the test cartridge the copper tubing failed. If Ryan had left this important step out of his inspection the wet chemical fire suppression system WOULD have failed. In the event of a fire this could have catastrophic for The Academy Restaurant. This is the reason why we ensure all of our technicians are trained by the manufacturers we support. 

The Academy Restaurant is located at 437 Stradbrook Avenue, and is a great place to hang out, have a tasty bite to eat, and take in some live local entertainment! Brian and his staff have been showing Manitoban’s a good time since 2007!

The Academy Restaurant Testimonial 


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