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Campus and Dorm Fire Safety Tips for Students

Living in a dorm during college or university is often the first time that many students are responsible for taking care of themselves and managing their personal safety.

In addition to living alone for the first time, many students are also feeling the strain of balancing class, studying, sports, and spending time with friends. As a result, many first-time students ignore, disregard, or simply don’t factor in fire safety when looking at their to-do list of priorities.

However, making sure that your dorm or campus living arrangement is safe and protected against fires doesn’t just protect physical investments, like computers, laptops, and textbooks; it can also save your life!

Dorm Fire Safety Tips

Your dorm where you sleep, study, and will spend a lot of time while not in class. As a result, it’s important to select a living space which is safe, has large windows and doors, and that you know the appropriate evacuation path in the event of an emergency.

Some other things to do to stay safe are:

?     Look for fully sprinklered housing when selecting a dorm, or when looking for rentals and off-campus housing.

?     Never disable a smoke alarm or move any other fire protection equipment, such as fire extinguishers.

?     Inspect rooms for fire hazards, such as exposed wiring and too-small windows.

?     Inspect all exit doors and windows to make sure that they work properly.

?     Make sure that you have local emergency numbers besides 911.

?     Always participate in fire drills in your dorm or shared housing, and memorize escape routes and evacuation plans.

?     Take every drill seriously - you never know when it could be real!

?     Don’t overload your electrical outlets, especially if you are living in an older building which doesn’t have grounded outlets.

?     Don’t overload extension cords.

?     Use a surge protector for your computer, and plug the protector directly into a wall outlet.

?     If you use heating and cooking appliances, make sure you know how to use, clean, and maintain them.

?     Don’t leave burning candles unattended, or near flammable items such as drapes, window coverings, or your bed.

?     Check your school’s policy for using electrical appliances in your room.

Campus Safety Tips

You may feel safe and secure while sitting in your classroom, but there are a variety of things to keep in mind in order to stay safe while on campus, including:

?     Taking note of all fire exits, windows, and doors which can be used to escape in the event of a fire.

?     Participating in all fire drills on campus, and paying attention to evacuation routes and meeting areas outside.

?     Not littering or leaving items in the way which can block stairwells or hallways.

?     If you smoke, disposing of cigarette butts in provided locations away from buildings and flammable areas, and respecting any “No Smoking” signs posted.

?     Having a “buddy system” with your friends to make sure that everyone was evacuated successfully in the event of an emergency.

?     Speaking to campus security about appropriate fire safety protocols.

These simple steps can help make sure that you have a happy, productive, and - above all else - safe school year on campus.

If you can make it burn, we can put it out!

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