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Business Owner's Guide to Fire Safety 2019

Bison Fire's Business Owners Guide to Fire Safety

A new year is here, and there’s no better time for your business to re-evaluate your fire safety plan. No business is immune to accidental fires, and whether you own a restaurant, IT Company, or a multi-unit dwelling like an apartment or condo block, having the right equipment in place year-round can prevent disaster.

If you’re a business owner looking to keep your business safe in the coming year, take a look at this checklist of safety requirements you need to keep your commercial building safe from fires.

Are you missing anything from this list below? Contact Bison Fire Protection today and we can help get your business on track for total fire protection in 2019.

Fire & Smoke Alarms

  • Fire and smoke alarms are your first line of defense against fires, and should be inspected regularly to ensure that they’re in proper working order.
  • Consider installing a wireless fire alarm monitoring system and developing a plan for building occupants if the alarm goes off.

Fire Extinguishers & Fire Suppression Systems

  • Regularly visually inspect your fire extinguishers to make sure that they will function when needed.
  • Schedule routine maintenance of any equipment with a qualified professional.
  • Keep fire extinguishers in open areas which are easy to access.

Emergency Lighting

  • Ensure that all emergency lights do not have burned-out bulbs. Effective emergency lights help occupants get to safety in the event of a fire.
  • Schedule regular maintenance and inspections on all emergency lighting systems.

Equipment is essential to protecting your business from fire damage, but by investing in your employees’ knowledge and ensuring that they are ready to respond in the event of a fire you can ensure that everyone will be safe in an emergency situation.

Some things to plan for include:

First Aid

  • Keep all first aid kits well-stocked and readily available for all employees to access.
  • Eliminate the potential that your first aid kit may be missing critical components by arranging for regular restocking of the items in the kit.

Training Courses

  • Schedule a comprehensive fire equipment training course on the use of the fire equipment in your business

First aid Courses

  • Many employees will be willing to take first aid training if it is offered by their employer, so why not consider equipping your staff with this valuable life skill?

Emergency Plan

  • Remind employees to follow the REACT plan in the event of a fire. REACT stands for:
  • Remove from danger
  • Ensure all doors and windows are closed
  • Activate the fire alarm
  • Call 911
  • Treat any fire as dangerous
  • Conduct regular fire drills.

Keep your Building Safe

As a leader in fire protection across the prairies, Bison Fire Protection offers the most reliable services to residents and businesses alike.

If you operate a business in Winnipeg, Brandon, Thompson, Kenora, Saskatoon, or Regina and are looking to know more about how to protect your investment from fire damage, contact the experts at Bison Fire Protection by calling 866-441-3473 today to schedule an appointment with a fire safety experts.

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