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Burnt Out Exit Lights

Bison Fire's guide to Burnt out Exit Lights

As a business owner or building manager, it’s your responsibility to make sure that the emergency lighting system in your building is working properly at all times.

Installing emergency lights and exit signs is a simple and obvious first step, but what do you do if your exit lights burn out?

If you’re not sure what to do when your exit lights burn out, keep reading:

Find Out Why the Sign Isn’t Lit

Most people will simply assume that an exit sign isn’t lit because the bulb inside has burned out, but it’s important to take additional steps to ensure that the problem isn’t caused by a larger issue. The components you should check include:

  • The main bulbs. Every exit sign in your building should be illuminated 24/7, 356 days of the year. If you have a well-maintained emergency light system, your exit sign will have one or more bulbs which emit light all the time. These lights switch from main power to battery power during emergencies, so checking your main bulbs is the best first step to resolving the issue.
  • The low voltage bulbs. During emergency situations the main bulb will go out and a smaller, lower-voltage bulb will illuminate. This bulb is battery-powered, and is only in use when the power goes out. If the bulb is burned out this sign will fail to illuminate the dark during an emergency.
  • The reserve battery. Defensive batteries can sometimes maintain enough power to illuminate a low-voltage bulb for a few minutes or seconds after the power goes out. In this case the bulb should be fine, but the batter may require replacing.

Replace the Necessary Component

Once you’ve figured out what’s wrong with your exit sign, you can replace the defective component (battery or bulbs only) and restore it to proper working order.

Start by removing the front panel of the exit sign and locate the battery or the bulbs (whichever is causing the problem) and swap the damaged component out with a compatible replacement. If you’re struggling to remove the front panel, figuring out what’s causing the light to stop glowing, or ordering the right replacement part, contact Bison Fire Protection today.

Replace the Whole Exit Sign

If you have an older exit sign that runs on incandescent bulbs then you may already be familiar with the ongoing task of continually replacing burned out bulbs.

LED exit signs last for decades without burning out, and consume less energy than incandescent bulbs, which not only saves you money on your hydro bill and replacement bulbs, but these signs can last for decades without needing to be replaced, as well.

Call a Professional for Help With Replacements

Whether you need a bulb or battery replaced, or a whole new exit sign installed, Bison Fire Protection has you covered. If you operate a business in Winnipeg, Brandon, Thompson, Kenora, Saskatoon, or Regina and are looking to know more about how to protect your investment from fire damage, contact the experts at Bison Fire Protection by calling 866-441-3473 today to schedule an appointment with a fire safety experts.

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