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Bison's Fall Fire Safety Tips


The changing seasons are the perfect opportunity to review your fire safety knowledge. While many fire safety measures stay the same regardless of the season, as leaves fall from the trees and we turn on our heating systems it’s important to reassess and make sure that we are being as safe as possible.

However, with the change of seasons also comes changes in fire safety, so it’s important to be mindful of the changes that different seasons will bring.

Are you being fire safe this fall? Check out our to-do list of steps to take to keep yourself and your loved ones safe this fall season:

Change Your Smoke Alarm Batteries

The easiest way to remember to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors is to change them with the change of seasons; when winter turns to spring, and when summer turns to fall. At the same time, make a point to double-check that your fire extinguishers are all fully charged and in working order. 

If you have trouble remembering to add these tasks to your fall to-do list, just remember that they should be completed around the same time as Daylight Savings Time is implemented. That way, you always have a bi-annual reminder to stay fire safe.

Check your Fire Extinguisher

Check your Fire Extinguisher. Make sure the gauge is in the green. Invert the cylinder to feel the powder moving inside. Ensure the hose is not plugged with dirt, dust, of a comfy looking spider.

If you are not sure of the condition, or have used the extinguisher, bring it in to our shop to be professionally serviced. Once used an extinguisher needs to be recharged even if there is still powder left in the tank. The expellant will leak out over time leaving the extinguisher incapable of operating when you need it.

Check Your Central Heating

Before you start putting your central heating system into overdrive, make sure to have your system inspected, cleaned, and serviced by a certified heating, venting, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor.

If you use a gas heater then make sure to double (or triple!) check that you have a sufficient amount of fully functioning carbon monoxide detectors installed.

Use Your Space Heater Safely

Winters on the prairies can be unforgiving and it’s not uncommon for us to “boost” our indoor heat by using a space heater. However, it’s important to be extra-careful around these portable and handy little units, as they can easily become causes for alarm.

Some things to keep in mind when using your space heater are:

  • Ensure that there is at least 3ft of empty space around your space heater.
  • Never put clothes or blankets over the space heater to dry.
  • Turn off your space heater when you leave the house or go to bed.
  • Don’t store combustible products near your space heater.

Be Outdoor Fire Safe

As the leaves begin to fall they can become brittle and flammable, so make sure to have your roof and gutters cleaned of debris, such as leaves, old bird’s nests, and pine needles.

If you have an overwhelming amount of leaves on your property, make sure to double-check the City of Winnipeg outdoor burning regulations (or the regulations from your local municipality) and do not engage in the illegal burning of leaves and other outdoor materials.

For more information about how you can prevent fires at home and at work, contact the professionals at Bison Fire Protection at (204) 237-3473 today.

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