Wednesday, September 12, 2012

BDC Provides Support

There are so many reasons why a company grows strong sales, great service, and quality products to name a few. There are other “silent partners” that also assist in building a company A solid accountant, a fearless lawyer, and a visionary banker are also pivotal in realizing and maintaining growth.

We have been working with the Business Development Bank of Canada and BDC’s Gail Blanchette has been instrumental in our moving from a small to medium sized business. Gail is a consulting partner with BDC, and one of our valued “Silent Partners”. Her strategies and suggestions have played a large role in the re-structuring that we began almost 2 years ago.

We have recently begun a new chapter in our business as we add new levels of technology to our business. Working with Gail, and Quantus we are currently adding technology that is unheard of in small to medium sized service based companies. Gail had brought Rick Macnab a Managing Partner with BDC to discuss implementation of this new technology, and to discuss future opportunities.

We have always taken pride in supporting the people that support us, whether they are our silent partners, suppliers, or most importantly our customers and we looking forward to the continued building of these relationships.

There is protection within the herd!

Rob Read, Emile Jolicoeur, Gail Blanchette, Rick, Macnab

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