Monday, March 14, 2011

Are You Protecting Yourself With The Right Equipment?

There are a few questions that come to mind when I read the attached story about the Crystal Palace Restaurant. I’m glad they put the fire out, but could it have been extinguished sooner causing less damage?

The first question is why didn’t they use the automatic suppression system? It is designed to be used as the first line of defense so that in the event of a re-flash you still have a fire extinguisher as a back-up.

The second question is why did they use a dry chemical extinguisher? Wet chemical suppression systems do not mix well with dry chemical extinguishers as such there is a reduction in the firefighting ability of the chemicals. Current NFPA-10 standards require a K-Class extinguisher as correct agent for this type of hazard.

As I stated earlier I’m glad the fire was put out. However with the correct extinguishers and a functioning suppression system the Fire Department might never have been deployed. Damage to the business from the fire, lost sales and products, and paying wages could be the difference between being back in business in a few hours, and being out of business.

We have a great video titled Kitchen Defender with the wet chemical extinguishers that shows the effectiveness of the K-Class extinguisher.

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