Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ansul Announces New 10lb. Extinguisher

Ansul has announced the phase out of the Sentry 10H and the introduction of the new Sentry AA10S that is listed, and tested to the new 2011 UL/ULC Harmonized Standard. All Manufacturers have been working hard to meet this new standard as testing was more stringent in Canada than the USA, however the USA did have a panel test that was not required by ULC Canada.

The benefits of these new standards are twofold as the end user gets a greatly improved extinguisher with higher ratings, while production costs should drop as they are able to build one extinguisher for North America. The Canadian extinguisher will still require the ULC label to be accepted for use in Canada, and have Canadian bi-lingual labeling. The data sheet is available in the Fire Extinguishers section of our site.




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