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5 Things to Do on Home Fire Sprinkler Day

Bison Fire's 5 Things to do on Home Sprinkler Day

2018 is the first annual Home Fire Sprinkler Day which will take place on Saturday, May 19th, 2018. Home fire sprinklers may not be your first thought when considering fire safety measures in your home, as they are generally thought to be expensive and cause water damage.

However, as fire safety professionals and advocates know, these home systems can be an effective part of your home’s fire safety plan to protect you and your loved ones. If you’re not sure how to participate in Home Fire Sprinkler Day on May 19th, the following information and tips will help you create a safe home and make the day a success.

How Do Home Fire Sprinkler Systems Work?

It’s important that you’re familiar with home fire sprinkler systems and the benefits that they can provide during a fire-related emergency. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), home fire sprinkler systems can “reduce the risk of dying from home fires by 80 percent and can reduce the risk of property loss by 70 percent.”

These systems have been designed to be extremely efficient and safe through the years. In most cases, a home’s fire sprinkler system will only activate in very specific situations. For example, many people assume that a home fire extinguisher is similar to those of commercial and public spaces, complete with a pull-lever or extra-sensitive detectors. As the fire protection needs differ between homes and commercial buildings, so do the types of fire sprinkler systems.

In nearly all residential buildings, sprinkler heads will only activate when a certain amount of heat is present. Additionally, a home’s sprinkler system will activate one sprinkler head at a time so that only areas under threat of fire-related damage will be sprayed.

Oftentimes, a home’s fire sprinkler system will be a type of last-resort fire protection mechanism, as homeowners can usually extinguish the types of small fires that commonly occur in homes (in the kitchen or garage, for example)  with a portable fire extinguisher. In the cases where your home’s fire sprinkler system does activate and cause extensive water damage, your home’s insurance policy should cover both fire damage and water damage when related to the same emergency event.

5 Things You Can Do for Home Fire Sprinkler Day

As 2018 is the first Home Fire Sprinkler Day for fire safety professionals and homeowners in North America, you may be wondering what activities and practices you can do on May 19th to take part in the action. Consider trying the following events and activities for Home Fire Sprinkler Day from the NFPA:

  • Spark a campaign on social media platforms outlining the importance of home fire sprinkler systems.
  • Invite media professionals for a tour of a home equipped with a fire sprinkler system, discussing how they can create a better fire protection and safety system for homes all over your area.
  • Consider hosting a home fire sprinkler demonstration. To do this, get in touch with your local fire department.
  • Discuss home fire sprinkler systems with local fire department professionals so that they are better informed on their implications.
  • Do your research and write to your local government to outline gaps in your area’s home fire sprinkler system laws.

Our team at Bison Fire Protection wants to help you establish Home Fire Sprinkler Day as an annual day of awareness for your community. For more information or to learn more about home fire sprinkler systems, call 866-411-3473 or contact us online today. We’re available for service in Winnipeg, Brandon, Thompson, Kenora, Regina, and Saskatoon.

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