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5 Reasons You Should Never Skip Maintenance & Inspection of Your Fire Protection Equipment

Although it may not come into mind everyday, regular fire protection equipment inspections and maintenance are vital in ensuring that your residential or commercial space will be protected during a fire-related emergency. To maximize the fire safety in your building, make sure that you schedule inspection and maintenance appointments for your fire protection equipment ahead of time to avoid costly repairs and time crunches to update your equipment to meet fire safety codes.

Don’t let the temptation of skipping your fire protection equipment inspection get the best of you. We’ve compiled five reasons you should never skip maintenance and inspection of your fire protection equipment below:

1.  Maintenance and Inspection Helps Identify Problematic Areas

With regularly scheduled maintenance and inspections of your fire protection equipment, you can ensure that the integrity of your systems are always top-notch. Ideally, you should schedule these appointments ahead of time to make sure that your local fire protection service company is available when you need them most. A pre-scheduled appointment also helps you keep yourself accountable to maintain best-in-class fire safety measures.

2. Fire Safety Systems Need to be Ready to Perform

Because fire protection systems are used only rarely, it’s difficult to tell if they’ll be ready to perform when you need them most. From your fire alarm system to the condition of your fire extinguishers, regular testing, maintenance, and inspection will make sure that your systems are able to perform during a fire-related emergency.

3. You Need to Keep Up with Local Fire Safety Codes

With advancements in building, technology, and knowledge, national and local fire safety codes are constantly changing. Although it may be difficult for you to keep up with every change, it’s the responsibility of fire protection service professionals to be aware of each update. When they arrive for your fire protection equipment inspection service, they will be able to communicate these changes to you and update your equipment to meet new standards.

4. You’ll Know Your Property is Protected

Without regular inspection and maintenance, you may be faced with costly and stressful emergency calls to repair or replace faulty fire protection equipment. As regular inspection appointments allow fire protection service experts to identify problematic areas ahead of time, you can potentially avoid a hefty service bill that comes along with many emergency service calls.

5. Regular Inspections Can Save You Money

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, it takes a lot of money to keep your property functioning and protected. Unexpected repairs and maintenance for your fire protection equipment are mostly preventable situations, as regular appointments and inspections keep you up-to-date with fire safety codes and necessary repairs.

Keeping your home or business protected with regular inspection and maintenance of your fire protection equipment can provide you with peace of mind, while keeping your budget balanced.

At Bison Fire Protection, we provide customers with the opportunity to schedule their inspection and maintenance appointments ahead of time to avoid costly repairs and stressful situations. For service in Winnipeg, Brandon, Thompson, Kenora, Regina, and Saskatoon, call 866-441-3473 to schedule an appointment today or find us online.

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