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3 Ways to Protect Your Business from a Fire

Bison Fire's 3 Ways to Protect Your Business

Fires can be devastating for any business owner. In addition to the risk of injury and even death of the occupants in the building, even the smallest fire can lead to expensive damage and repairs to the building you own.

With this in mind, taking precautionary steps to reduce the risk of a fire is essential to ensuring that your business is protected and secure. Below are three critical steps to take to keep your business, employees, and investments from being consumed by an unexpected fire:

1. Start With Proper Prevention

The first step to avoiding a fire is to prevent fire hazards from being present in your business or office building. Taking proactive steps to fire prevention is essential, and it’s important to stress this importance to your leadership team and employees, so everyone can be aware of what they need to do in order to limit fire hazards.

Some of these steps include:


  • Eliminate clutter. Stacks of boxes, books, paper, and trash are flammable and can easily start out-of-control fires from a single spark.


  • Limit or prohibit space heaters. While Canadian winters may often necessitate the use of a space heater, if left unattended these devices can easily start fires in your office. Instead, consider turning up the heat in your office to discourage space heater use.
  • Prohibit the burning of candles or incense. Some employees may want to burn sweet-smelling candles at their desk, but while these items may make for a welcoming workspace, they can easily lead to unexpected fires.

2. Install and Test Your Fire Alarms

If a fire were to happen in your business, a properly installed and maintained fire alarm is critical to preventing extensive damage, injury, and death. Fire alarms provide your employees with the time to safely evacuate the building and avoid the dangers of being caught inside during a blaze.

In order to ensure that your alarms are working properly, regularly test your fire alarms, run fire drills, and double-check that the batteries are fully charged.

3. Install and Provide Training for Fire Extinguisher Use

Fire extinguishers need to be installed correctly in every business, regardless of where your office is located. If you aren’t sure where the fire extinguishers should be installed in your office, contact a professional and ask for assistance in installing and maintaining your fire suppression system.

In addition to ensuring that your fire extinguishers are properly installed, investing in training for your employees in order to make sure that they can use the devices if the need should arise can mean the difference between a small, manageable emergency and a life-threatening blaze.

Keep your business safe and secure, and protect your investments and employees by taking the right precautionary steps. For more information contact the experts at Bison Fire Protection in Winnipeg, Brandon, Thompson, Kenora, Regina, and Saskatoon. Find us online, or by calling 866-441-3473 to schedule an appointment today.

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