Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bison Fire Speaks to U of W Students

The University of Winnipeg has had tremendous growth over the last several years expanding the campus and the programs it offers. Their ability to produce the next generation of professionals is something that we as Winnipeggers, and Manitoban’s should be proud of because they will be the people that drive us forward in the not so distant future.

When I was asked to speak to a class on entrepreneurship I was both humbled, and a little nervous after all these are some sharp people, and they demand a quality program. They didn’t disappoint me asking very good questions, and confirming that our future will be safe in their hands.

I certainly don’t mind offering my time for these kind of events having even the smallest hand in helping shape tomorrow’s business leaders can be very gratifying. I think it’s a good idea to stay in touch with what’s going on in our city because you never know where my next top executive will come from.

If you can make it burn, we can put it out!


Rob Read of Bison Fire speaks to a U of W class about Entrepreneurship

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bison Fire Launches Fire Safety Plan Division

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After almost a year of planning and development we are pleased to launch a new product to enhance the great services we already offer. Fire Safety Plans have been a part of business for a very long time, and when created, and maintained in a professional manner they will save property, and most importantly lives. Our Fire Plans also fit well with the fire extinguisher training programs we offer.

Ryan Fraser has been with us for over 6 years and has many more years in the fire protection industry. When Ryan found he was no longer able to work in the field as a service technician, instead of moving him along to a new career in a different industry we felt that his experience was too valuable to lose so we invested in retraining him creating a new career within our company. Our industry is small, and experience very hard to come by. Ryan has worked exceptionally hard to get where he is and we look forward to seeing him flourish in his new role.

Fire safety plans are designed to protect, people, property, and prevent emergencies.  All buildings today that require a fire alarm, care or detention facilities, demolition and construction sites, specific storage areas, areas where flammable and combustible liquids are handled, and areas where hazardous processes or operations occur require fire safety plans.

Our Fire Safety Plans are built to today’s strict requirements, and have been approved by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and the requirement of the National Fire Code. Each Fire Plan is developed to fit the specific building it’s written for, and includes;

•           Training of selected supervisory staff that will act out their specific duties in an event of a fire or emergency evacuation.

•           Customized plans according to the building description, safety features of the building, and operation of the fire protection equipment.

•           Simplified, easy to read and understand material.

•           Floor plans, occupant instructions, and maintenance records are some of the areas covered.

We at Bison Fire Protection can and will provide all necessary training needed to execute the fire safety plan effectively. For more information on developing your safety plan, or if you want to ensure your existing plan is current in an ever changing business environment contact Ryan Fraser. Ryan will be glad to discuss how we can develop a plan that will protect you today, and into the future.  From evacuation to extinguishment, let Bison Fire Protection be there for you at your time of need.

If you can make it burn, we can put it out!

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