Thursday, November 26, 2015

Bison Fire Receives Ansul’s Diamond Award

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It must be award season again. We were fortunate to have the good people from Ansul drop into our office last week bearing gifts. Both Stuart Crabbe and Chris Stievenart came calling and fortunately (For them) they beat the winter weather that has us running for our sweaters this week.

Chris was in to talk with us about clean gas suppression systems and the success we’ve been enjoying selling them. Chris works with us to design install and service the Ansul family of agents that include Sapphire, Energin, and CO2. He also consults with us and our customers when evaluating what product is the best fit for the area we are protecting. His years of experience are an asset to our team.

Stuart supports our pre-engineered suppression products. These are the Ansul R-102 kitchen suppression systems that protect so many restaurants in our city. The Monarch Industrial Suppression Systems that we use in auto body shop paint booth & mix rooms and mining lube rooms. The Ansul A-101 suppression systems that we install and service on all types of mobile mining and forestry equipment. Lastly he supports our portable extinguishers that include regular stored pressure, Red Line Cartridge Operated Extinguishers, and the High Flow stored pressure extinguishers.

With these industry professionals always ready willing and able to assist us when needed our ability to give the customers the products they need when they need them is excellent and it shows. This year Stuart presented us with another Diamond alliance award! This industry distinction gives credibility to the training and hard work our technicians, designers, and sales people do all year.

This dedication to their jobs is why I like to say…….

If you can make it burn, we can put it out!

Ansul Diamond Award 2015

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Fire Pumps Have Unique Issues

In September our Fire Sprinkler division was called out to investigate why a fire pump was vibrating and sounded like the bearings were gone. I went there first to do a preliminary check to access the situation. On site I ran the fire pump on a dead head mode, meaning the discharge side valve was closed and no water was flowing, or another term would be, the fire pump was running at churn. I could hear rocks ticking inside. So I advised the customer that we should do a fire pump capacity test through the 6” test header, this way if the rocks were small they would flow out with the test. The results were below the fire pump performance curve, and when we did the 150% flow the fire pump would vibrate like it was way out of balance. We then informed the customer the next step was to take the pump apart to see if the impellers were damaged.

We contacted our fire pump supplier to see if parts were still available for this pump since it was over 40 years old. Parts were still available and were ordered.

When we took the pump apart we found a few rocks* wedged inside the pump. We proceeded to remove the rocks and inspected the impeller for damage. Fortunately there was none. While the pump was apart we took this opportunity to also replace the packings. Once the pump was reassembled we did another flow test. When we started the fire pump we heard more rocks being sucked in from the city main. We took it apart again and removed one more rock. On the last test the pump ran smoothly and the performance curve was met. The customer was relieved that he didn’t have to replace his pump and controller as this is very costly.

About 6 months prior some water main repairs had been done up the street and it would seem the main wasn’t flushed properly after the repairs. Without a thorough investigation we can only assume this is how the rocks ended up in the fire pump. Because this customer runs his fire pump weekly like he’s suppose too by fire code this issue was discovered and repaired. In a real fire situation this could have been devastating and deadly.

If you can make it burn we can put it out!

*No rocks were harmed during the repair of this fire pump

Bison Fire Services Fire PumpsBison Fire Inspects Fire Pumps

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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Fire Extinguisher Training Is Your Friend with Benefits

Bison Fire Protection just finished performing fire extinguisher training with one of our industrial customers.  There were approximately 60 people in attendance from supervisors, security, and management.  Most of the individuals in attendance had never used a fire extinguisher.  Industrial operations and their unique hazards make it necessary for the safety of their employees to be trained for such events. This type of training is critical for any type of business at any size.

The day started off with a power point presentation that lasts about 35 minutes.  We discuss with all of the participants in the class, sources of fire, classes of fire, identifying the types of extinguishers and hardware, and measuring the risks associated with fire.  Following the power point presentation, a 25 minute video is shown that goes more in-depth and becomes a visual tool that illustrates the power point presentation.  Lastly, we head out to a secured area and perform a “Live Burn” hands on extinguisher training with a real fire situation (Click here to see the video).  Participants are then given a real fire extinguisher to use to extinguish the fire that has been set.  After all training has been completed participants are given certificates of completion.  We suggest that fire extinguisher training should be completed on an annual basis in order to retain the knowledge for the future.

Most of our training is done with a digital training system, and we take pride in being the first company to adopt technology that is now an industry standard, however occasionally customers will request the “live burn”. The benefits of digital training are numerous when you consider training times and space, weather conditions, no required permits to name only a few.

Fire extinguisher training should only be performed by qualified individuals.  Within the City of Winnipeg, trainers are required to be certified & licensed as well as have taken the mandatory Fire and Life Safety Educator program that is offered by the Brandon Emergency Services College.  Secondly, once a trainer has received the necessary training they also must be registered with the City of Winnipeg Fire Prevention Branch providing their qualifications in order to receive a training license.  We as trainers are also required to apply for the necessary permits for “Open Fire” demonstrations.  In order to apply for the permit you must have the need documentation such as site location, letter of intent from the individuals requesting a live burn, and lastly the permit on site while such demonstration is being performed.

Whenever fire extinguisher training is to be performed in a “Live Burn” situation, it is absolutely necessary to find out what requirements are needed from the AHJ in the city or municipality in which it is being performed.

Bison Fire Protection also can provide alternative methods to fire extinguisher training through electronic simulation.  For further inquiries please contact Ryan Fraser.

The difference between action and panic is training!

Bison Fire Extinguisher Training ClassroomBison Fire Extinguisher Trained Student Success!Ryan Fraser Instructing Safe Fire Extinguisher Usage

If you can make it burn, we can put it out!

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