Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The High School Event

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I was honored to be asked to be a tour guide for the upcoming High School event sponsored by Red River College, as part of The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce’s High School Bold program. With so many great business people in Winnipeg to choose from it’s definitely humbling to be able to contribute to Winnipeg’s future in helping students become aware of the opportunities that our business community offers.

I’m looking forward to the event because it also gives me a chance to see and learn about a couple of businesses that I might never have had the chance walk into. In the fire protection business I get opportunities to see the great things Winnipeg businesses do every day, and learn about how they support our local economy. We have such a diverse group that sells locally, nationally, and internationally. Being a part of helping that grow even in a small way such as this event, is fantastic for me and can have very large effect for the students who may someday be employed by, or even own a company that contributes to our city. Who knows the next great fire protection technician may even be in the crowd!

I’ll be watching the weather this week, because November can be nasty, but the glow from the students faces as they look into their futures should help keep me warm!

There is protection within the herd!

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