Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bison Goes To IKEA

At long last IKEA has opened its doors in Winnipeg. We are told this is the largest IKEA store in Canada, and Winnipeggers are very proud to have this new retailer in our city. But what does having a store like this really mean to our city and province? From my perspective quite a bit, with Black Friday just having gone by the discussions of cross border shopping in the media were at the front of all news casts. This new location may also contribute to cross border shopping, but in a positive way. We may start seeing a lot more American license plates roaming around, and they most likely won’t be day trips which means more hotel rooms being booked, more restaurants frequented, and other attractions being visited, all very good things for our economy.

While tourism is great we have to think of the other things that IKEA has done and will do for our city. They have project 300 new jobs within the store, but I’m thinking of the number of jobs created while it was being constructed. If I consider the fire protection only they would have had several sprinkler fitters on site for a large part of the construction. They would have had electricians working for several month’s installing the Fire Alarm Door Access, and Security Systems. However the most important equipment also took a fair amount of time as Bison had several technicians installing the Ansul R-102 kitchen suppression system, and the portable fire extinguishers.

The work doesn’t end at the store opening. They will require Annual and Semi-annual inspections on all of their fire protection equipment. Remember that is only one part of the outside contractors needed to keep a business of that size operating. From the delivery drivers to the HVAC people, and everything in between IKEA will keep many people in Winnipeg working, and that’s good business.

There is protection within the herd!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Professionalism Is Appreciated

We received a call yesterday from Ryan Diebert. Ryan is the owner of several A&W Restaurants here in Winnipeg. The reason for his call was to express his appreciation of the professional service he received from our technician Ryan Fraser. He also said the job was very thorough with Ryan taking the time to explain how the kitchen fire suppression system worked, and the procedures to follow in the event of a fire.

This was the first inspection we had done for Ryan, and he was so pleased that he has since asked us to provide service at his other locations. One of his reasons for making the change was because he had been receiving sporadic and late service from his past provider. This is something I have talked about in the blog “A Note To Restaurant Owners” that blog describes the issues a business owner could be faced with from an insurance point of view when their equipment is not serviced in a timely manner.

We have learned from CJOB News reporting that The City of Winnipeg is not conducting regular fire inspections in businesses throughout Winnipeg. In the past these inspections assisted in keeping fire protection equipment inspections and service current. However even though they aren’t going “door to door” doing fire inspections it doesn’t mean you can’t be charged if a complaint is filed, and they find your business non-compliant to fire codes, and regulations. Keep in mind that as a building owner, or tenant you are liable for any fire code deficiencies, and inspections.

Calls like the one received from Ryan Diebert are truly appreciated because they tell me the message I give my technicians is making its way to our customers. Ryan Fraser can take pride in his hard work as well knowing he’s providing the kind of service that saves businesses, and more importantly lives.

There is protection within the herd!

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Manitoba Mining and Minerals Convention

The Manitoba Mining and Minerals Convention is currently underway at the Winnipeg Convention Centre with a public open house Saturday the 17th. This annual show highlights the mining industry here in Manitoba. Mining in Manitoba is a huge contributor to our economy yet because the bulk of mining operations are in the Northern part of our province very few people ever see, or appreciate the impact it has.

I took this from the Mineral Education website because it better shows what mining does for Manitobans economically. “The mining and petroleum industries make up Manitoba's second largest primary resource industry. In 2011, the combined value of mineral production for metals ($1.65 billion), industrial minerals ($188 million) and petroleum ($1.26 billion) totalled over $3 billion. The industries employ an average of 5,800 workers directly, with many more in indirect jobs and generating millions of dollars in spin-off business.”

We support the convention because it gives the industry an opportunity to see a variety of speakers, learn what is on the horizon in Manitoba, and a chance to highlight new products. When we were at the International Mining Show earlier this year we met the good people at Red Dog Services they specialize in foam firefighting systems. They shipped us their smallest Compressed Air Foam Fire Suppression System the Suppressor 20 which is on display at the show, and pictured below. Unlike dry chemical systems that create particle clouds impairing visibility and breathing, the Suppressor system shoots a continuous stream of foam at a distance in excess of 25 feet, making it safer and more effective when addressing a fire.

There are so many types of hazards in this world that it seems impossible to keep up with it all. Yet there are also so many great companies designing products to meet those demands, so when working with people like Red Dog Services I can remain confident saying “If you can make it burn, I can put it out!”

There is protection within the herd!

Emile Jolicoeur at The Manitoba Mining Convention

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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Introducing Our New Sales Manager

I have introduced so many new changes, and positive steps that have occurred with the herd, that sometimes it seems hard to keep up with the excitement. We had taken on the Siemens Fire Alarm product line a couple of years ago, and have been very happy with the success that having world leading products and support brings.

I also knew that with a great product line, I would need a solid experienced person to take control of fire alarm contract sales to ensure we continue to offer the great service, and customer support we are known for. 

Fortunately Jasen Campbell saw the same opportunities, and was compelled to approach us with a plan to truly expand that contract sales division. Jasen is our new Fire Alarm Sales Manager. He comes to us with 20 years’ experience in the fire alarm industry 15 of which were with Siemens Building Technologies. Jasen’s career began in Winnipeg. He took a position offered in Calgary rising to become the Western Sales Manager in charge of 3 provinces. We all know you can never get Winnipeg out of your blood so when Winnipeg called Jasen packed up his family and came home. That move eventually leads him to the herd. The future has never been so bold!

There is protection within the herd!

Jasen Campbell Bison's Sales Manager

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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The 1 Life Fall Information Blast

1Life Workplace Safety & Health has released their fall information blast. These are exciting times for 1 Life because they have released their latest mySafetyAssistant package: myContractor! The information blast also includes a lot of other great safety information including;

  • myContractor!
  • Meet their in house programming team
  • New document uploads (Safe Work Practices, Safety Talks, Hazard Alerts etc)
  • Upcoming Webinars with Manitoba Experts
  • Free Training Dates (SMS Development , Gap Analyses)
  • Special Savings on Products and Services for mySafetyAssistant Clients

Take the time to look it over, the life you save could be your own.

There is protection within the herd!

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