Sunday, March 01, 2009

Bison Fire Protection takes pride in supporting Tristyn Sitarz an up an coming Canadian Athlete!

Tristyn is currently a member of the Manitoba Gymnastics Team, and is well on her way to joining the Canadian Gymnastics Team with her eye on going to the Olympics. Tristyn's dedication to her sport, as well as her personal pride, integrity, and guts will make all Manitoban's proud when she brings home the gold! I've included an article recently written about her success.

West St. Paul Tristyn Sitarz has quickly made herself widely known in the gymnastics circle here in Manitoba. Now, the rest of the country is starting to take notice. Sitarz was brilliant at the 2009 Canadian Gymnastics Championships earlier this month in Hamilton, Ont., earning a national title with a flawless performance on the uneven bars. The West St. Paul native, who trains with the Panthers Gymnastics Club, was well deserving of her goal medal, finished second on the vault and was ninth in all-around competition across Canada. SITARZ’ latest stellar performance is nothing new for the budding gymnast. She finished third all-around at the International Wild Rose 2009, fifth all-around at the Western Gymnastics Championship and sixth all-around at 2009 International Gymnix. The talented 12-year-old has been a member of the Manitoba provincial team the past two years and has been involved in the sport since 2004.

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