Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Note To Restaurant Owners

Gerry Corrigal is the owner of McElhoes & Duffy Insurance Brokers we have had a long term business relationship, and I have always found Gerry’s dedication to the insurance industry, as well as his commitment to the restaurant & foodservice industry to be excellent.

Gerry took the time to send me some information that the insurance industry as a whole is looking for from restaurant owners and managers. The information below is great because it also demonstrated to me what the insurance industry wants from fire protection companies, and helps me ensure we offer the type of service that creates an easier flow of business for all three industries.

Please note that Insurance Companies will put an extinguishing warranty on their policies with regard to the type of equipment and its maintenance. Insurers will require that an updated wet chemical system installed with a “K” type extinguisher be in the kitchen area. When a restaurant owner purchases insurance, they agree to have this type of equipment installed and also agree to maintain this equipment as follows: 

1.         The owner or lessee of the system shall provide for the regular inspection and maintenance of the equipment as recommended by the manufacturer with a minimum semi-annual check of the pressure or weight of the extinguishing agent container and of the system by the manufacturer’s authorized installer. These inspection and maintenance requirements include, but are not limited to, all manner of cooking equipment, exhaust hoods, grease removal devices, exhaust ductwork, exhaust fans, dampers, fire extinguishing equipment, and all other auxiliary or ancillary components or systems that are involved in  the capture containment and control of grease  laden cooking effluent.

2.         The insured shall immediately notify the Insurer of any interruption to or flaw or defect in the system coming to the knowledge of the insured.

3.         The insured shall also immediately notify the Insurer of the cancellation or non- renewal of any contract which provides monitoring or maintenance services of the equipment.


You should also make sure that the company that you are using to supply and maintain your kitchen equipment are certified to work on such equipment.  Manufacturers will only designate certain dealers that are properly trained to work on their equipment. You should also make sure that if your maintenance company is going to be longer than the 6 month inspection that you advise your insurer of the delay and when it is going to be inspected. Most prudent insurers will just note the file and allow this to occur, as long as the inspection is going to take place shortly after.  Failure to advise the broker/insurer could result in the above warranty being applied in the event of a claim.

There is protection within the herd!

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Finishing Touches

There are things in life that drive all of us a little crazy at times. One of mine is a project that is 99% complete but never seems to get that last 1% done, or that it has been over looked completely. I’ll give you an example a couple of years ago a friend of mine called looking for fire extinguishers for his new office. He asked me to drop in so he could show me what a great job they had done in creating a professional look. When I arrived I was impressed, granite reception desk, matching granite board room table, tiled flooring, great color choices. It truly was well done and designed to impress.

What happened next is what really made a lasting impression. After our tour I asked him where he would like to have his fire extinguishers mounted. He had limited choices due to fire code restrictions. The crestfallen look on his face as he realized he was going to have these bright red tanks mounted on his beautiful walls was almost comical.

We sat down to discuss his options, and I suggested to him that we install recessed cabinets. It was going to cost a little more now that the job was done, but he could paint them to match his walls. When he looked at the Larsen’s Cabinets that we offer his mood changed because he wasn’t going to lose the professional look he had strived so hard to achieve, and he would meet fire code requirements.

He’s not the only person to have run into this issue unfortunately I see it all the time. Companies spent a large part of their budget creating a professional look, but come up short because no one took the time to discuss their fire protection, and how to integrate it into their design.

Larsen's Manufacturing Company is a leader in the building construction and fire protection equipment industry. They have participated in the Sweet's Catalog for over 30 years and recently received the Architectural Record Readers' Choice Award.

They have designed the information in their Web site for all participants in the building construction industry. For example:

  • Design Professionals - You can view and print catalog pages containing color graphics and specifications.
  • Contractors and End-Users - You can review our product information and then contact us, so that we can connect you with our worldwide distributor network.

Larsen’s Cabinets could be that last touch you need to complete your office while meeting fire code requirements. These are just a few examples of what Larsen's has to offer.

There is protection within the herd!

Larsen's CabinetLarsen's CabinetsLarsen's Cabinet

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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

1 Life’s Latest Safety Blast

1 Life Workplace Safety & Health has issued an Important Enforcement Update for Business Owners. Theo Kowalchuk and her staff are always very vigilant with educational information for both employers, and employee’s.

Their latest blast covers some very important topics including:

  • Province Publishing "Unsafe" Employers
  • Recent Fines to Manitoba Business Owners
  • New document uploads (Safe Work Practices, Safety Talks, Hazard Alerts etc)
  • Free Training Dates (SMS Development , Gap Analyses)

Take the time to read their information blast as it may have a very direct impact on you, or someone you work with.

There is protection within the herd!

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