Thursday, July 21, 2011

JRS Stephenson Manufacturing Is Moving!

JRS Stephenson is a good customer of ours who has been Engineering and Building electrical power distribution and control products in Winnipeg for 65 years. They are relocating to a new office/manufacturing facility.

They called us in to do a complete layout of their fire extinguisher needs. In the manufacturing plant they have a variety of hazards that would be classed as high. To properly protect these areas we covered them with 20lb. Dry Chemical extinguishers. The paint areas were covered with CO2 extinguishers to keep powder from sticking to wet products in the event of a fire this lowers the costs of clean up, and production losses. They also have an area for welding aluminum. Since Aluminum can, and will burn they required a Class-D extinguisher specifically designed for metallic fires. Their phone and server room has very sensitive electronics so the best choice was a Halotron clean gas extinguisher. While JRS Stephenson has never had a fire they took a proactive approach in their fire protection that will help insure minimal losses if a fire should ever occur.

JRS Stephenson is one of those companies that quietly go about their business while employing many Manitoban’s with a variety of skill sets from assembly people to Designers, and Engineers. These types of businesses are a big part of the diversity that keeps our province economically stable.

Good Morning All

As a lot of you are aware, JRS Mfg. is moving.  Our new location is at 1245 Border Street, Winnipeg MB. R3H 0X9.  Phone, fax and email will remain the same.

While this is a very exciting time for us it is also a time of interruptions and confusion.  Thanks to everyone for your understanding and cooperation.

We will still occupy 1425 Whyte Avenue until the end of July, but ask that no orders (unless specifically requested) be delivered there after July 27.  All orders from then on are to be delivered to 1245 Border Street.

I look forward to continue to build on the strong relationships we have with you.

Best regards,
Brian Larson CPIM
Materials Manager
JRS Mfg. Ltd
1245 Border Street
Winnipeg, MB R3H 0X9

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Extinguishing Fires in High-Challenge Warehouses: The Fire Service Perspective

Many things have evolved in today’s modern warehouses. Everything from construction materials, to sprinkler, and fire alarm, and fire extinguisher coverage’s, forklifts and loading docks and employee safety practices. All of these changes become determining factors when first designing fire protection for these buildings for occupancy, as well as what they might be housing. Insurance companies have become very savvy regarding what is required, and if codes aren’t met they take a very strong stance against having a large payout.

With CentrePort becoming an industrial reality we will be seeing a lot of new distribution centres coming into Manitoba this NFPA live presentation is a must see for anyone connected to fire protection, or life safety.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tyco Keeps Growing

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Tyco Fire Protection Products which is the parent company of Ansul has announced a new acquisition.

Ansul is one of our main suppliers of fire protection equipment. They are constantly working to improve their products, and even the companies they own in an effort to stay at the top of their game. Tyco has announced the purchase of Chemguard Inc, and their subsidiary Williams Fire and Hazard Control Inc. This acquisition will give us greater access to the product lines that Chemguard has such as their Firefighting foams, and Engineered Foam Systems.

We are eager to see the benefits of this purchase for our industry in the days ahead.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Bison Was Burning Up The Track

The Bison 52 Modified race car was out racing this past Thursday against some of Nascar’s greats. Kenny Schrader was in the pack, but left the race early with a mechanical failure. Michael Waltrip was also at the track, but raced in the late model division a different class of cars. Red River Coop Speedway was buzzing with these two international racing stars. For many of the regular drivers this was a dream come true to compete with guys you would never otherwise race against or even be able to meet in the pits.

Good job on beating Schrader Steve!

Steve Glass Racing the Bison Fire Modified

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Friday, July 15, 2011

MOPIA’s July Newsletter Has Arrived

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MOPIA (Manitoba Ozone Protection Industry Assn.) has just sent their July newsletter. As a member of this association I find the information to be relevant to what is happening in the fire protection industry. It gives me some insight as to where the government, and other interested parties are heading regarding the clean gas systems, such as the CO2, Novec 1230, and FM200 systems we install and service. They also give a good idea of what is going on in other industries as well. This issue contains some really good topics that include;

-           Sun Awareness Key this Summer, Meet our new Team specialist, Lauren Griffith-Parker

-           Proposed Amendments to the Montreal Protocol

-           HCFCs being Phased-Out

-           Refrigerant Leak Repairs

-           MOPIA coming to Winkler and Steinbach

Enjoy their newsletter!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Extinguishing Your RV

If you own an RV, a camper or even a boat that came with an extinguisher, have you checked it?

Many of these types of recreational equipment come with a very small non-rechargeable extinguisher. If you read the instructions you will find out how to ensure the extinguisher has the pressure needed to spray the powder onto the flames. THESE EXTINGUISHERS ARE JUNK! While there are many ways to help ensure you protect your toys from fire many people are their own worst enemies such as the couple that fixed a leaking gas line with a rag and some tape. There is no mention of an extinguisher in the story, and I doubt they had one. Sometimes you just can’t fix stupid. Buying a proper fire extinguisher and mounting it in a safe location as well as checking to make sure it works is one small task that could keep you from becoming a panhandler, or worse a permanent resident at Boot Hill.

Enjoy a safe summer!


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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sprinklers Are Required In Walk-in Coolers

Many Restaurants have walk-in coolers it is a requirement for stock control Most of these coolers do not have sprinklers inside them because the building they are in does not have a sprinkler system so the existing fire extinguishers are sufficient to provide fire protection. Walk-in coolers have electricity inside them as well as combustible materials so there are opportunities for a fire. Restaurants that have sprinkler systems do require sprinklers inside their coolers as they are considered rooms in the building. However one reason for not having them might be the size of the room. This is an NFPA-13 (National Fire Protection Assn.) standard and not an international standard as reported.

The attached article from New Mexico was both interesting a humorous to someone North of the 49th. I would guess that people in New Mexico have seldom been to a winter hotdog roast so they might not think fire would burn in the cold. These Southern Restaurateurs are all welcome to come join me around my bonfire this winter to roast a few weeny’s and enjoy some hot chocolate, while reading the fire code to stay warm!

Fire burns hot enough in the snow to cook.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ansul Protects Pizza Trucks

Steve Moynes of Pizza Trucks of Canada called the other day. He was building a new type of concession truck. His expertise has been in the Pizza Truck design and building business, and he does a great job of them, but this new truck has a full operating kitchen and he needed an automatic suppression system. Fortunately we have all kinds of them in stock and were able to get him up and running. He brought the truck to our facility first thing in the morning and was pleased to pick it up at the end of the day!

On this particular project we chose an Ansul R-102 wet chemical suppression system with its compact design and stainless steel automan it was the right choice to work with in the tight spacing allowed in a chip truck. The Ansul system is ULC-1254.6, and UL-300 listed so it can travel anywhere in Canada, or the USA. The system is capable of automatic detection and actuation and remote manual actuation. Additional equipment is available for mechanical gas line shut-off applications. The detection portion of the fire suppression system allows for automatic detection by means of fusible links, which, when the temperature exceeds the rating of the link, the link separates, allowing the system to actuate. A system owner’s guide is available containing basic information pertaining to system operation and maintenance.  Accessories can be added such as alarms, warning lights, etc., to installations where required. Tanks can be used in multiple arrangements to allow for larger hazard coverage. In this installation the suppression system was very basic, but we have installed them in very large applications such as the MTS Centre.

Pizza Trucks of Canada Dalton Burke installing an Ansul R-102

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Monday, July 11, 2011

PPMA Summer Newsletter Is Now Available

The Professional Property Managers Association has issued their summer newsletter. As usual it is chocked full of great information that includes;

  • Message from the President                                                             
  • Meetings & Special Event Schedule                                              
  • PPMA 2011 Golf Tournament                                                         
  • What does the Federal Election Result Mean for Landlords?                                                                        
  • CFAA Employee Compensation Survey                                       
  • Leaves for Late Appeal at the RTC                                                 
  • Robert L. Simpson Memorial Scholarship Fund Winner            
  • Bed Bug Prevention Materials Program Order Form 

This group of professional people work very hard to provide top quality housing for all Manitobans.

PPMA Summer News Letter 2011


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Friday, July 08, 2011

1Life Provides Continuous Training

1Life Workplace Safety is offering continuing education through their My Safety Assistant programs. Some of the upcoming seminars include Mosquitoes Bite, Effective Management of Workplace Violence and Harassment, FREE Webinar Schedule, FREE training for subscribers, and WHAT'S NEW! These ongoing training opportunities are just some of the many reasons we work with 1Life. We need our customers to be safe so we can continue dealing with them year after year.

Have a look at the programs and give Theo a call to book the seminar that best suits your needs.

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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Kidde Canada Provides Range Guard Training

Kidde Canada has sent Iain Boyd to Winnipeg to provide Range Guard training for our technicians.

We were pleased to host the training seminar in our board room. While for most of us the recession is over, many companies and corporations are still feeling the effects. Therefore this type of training is very hard to come by, and very costly. There are only two certified Range Guard distributors in Manitoba so to have a manufacturer’s representative come to our office and train technicians on the latest equipment, discuss fire code changes, and service bulletins is invaluable to both Bison, and the restaurants we serve and protect.

We have always taken pride in ensuring the best trained technicians in the industry this is just another part of our ongoing commitment to our customers.

Kidde Canada Trains in the Bison Boardroom

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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Earls Joins The Herd

The Earls Restaurants in Winnipeg have joined the herd! Earls is a restaurant chain that offers great food and great service yet they were not receiving the same service from their past fire protection suppliers.

Being a service based company we understood their requirements and were able to react to their needs in a timely manner. Many companies from every industry talk about the service they offer.  We feel that we are only as good as the last job we did, and strive to ensure we have the best trained and educated technicians in the industry. As well as very prompt responses when service situations arise.

Earls is a great restaurant to go enjoy a great meal. Their businesses is food, and hospitality. They do both very well and trust that when they hire a company to perform services that they are getting what they pay for.

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Monday, July 04, 2011

Protecting The Winnipeg Folk Festival

We were asked to provide the fire protection for the Winnipeg Folk Festival for 2011. We have done this for the festival for a number of years. This is a 5 day event with around 75 artists and bands performing a large variety of music. Protecting a large group of people who are enjoying music both on and off stage is a big responsibility so we feel privileged to continue to be the fire protection company of choice.  

The inaugural Winnipeg Folk Festival was held in 1974 as a one-time celebration to mark Winnipeg’s 100th anniversary. The festival was free and attracted an estimated audience of 22,000 over the three-day weekend. While the festival has grown considerably since then, the gathering in 1974 laid down important roots in Birds Hill Provincial Park and with the community that remain strong today.

Festival attendance now exceeds 70,000, attracting approximately 5,000 visitors from outside Manitoba each year and drawing performers from across North America, and the world. The organization has more than 2,600 dedicated volunteers who contribute well over 55,000 hours of labour each year to create the magic that is the Winnipeg Folk Festival.

This very diverse festival has something for everyone. Have a safe weekend!

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