Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Christmas In January

If you don’t already know it I think the world of my staff. They are a hard working dedicated group of people that regularly go above and beyond what is required or expected when assisting our customers. Spending time away from home on jobs sites, or training facilities, and they take advantage of after hour’s courses to improve them themselves, and their positions within Bison Fire. This doesn’t go unnoticed by Emile or I and we try to show our appreciation whenever we can.

The Company Christmas party is just one time of year that we can show everyone what they mean to us, and have their spouses there to hear the many accolades, get involved in the comradery, and in general just let our hair down for an evening. We have enjoyed Christmas in January for many years now so we don’t add to the stresses before Christmas, and we have found people are usually available later on, and they look relaxed.

We have gone to quite a few different places over the years, and the Christmas parties have created some very memorable stories that always seem to roll out at when least expected. This year we chose to go to the lounge above Prairie 360, go down to the restaurant for dinner, then back up to finish the evening. The view was incredible giving everyone a chance to see our city in a way you don’t often get to enjoy.

I’m not sure where we’ll end up next year but I know it’ll be with good friends enjoying one of the many unique locations our city has to offer.

If you can make it burn, we can put it out!

Bison Fire Christmas CakeBison Fire at Prairie 360Bison Fire Christmas Party 2014Bison Fire Christmas Party Jan 2014

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

ANSUL Continues To Provide Product Training

We’ve been very fortunate to Stuart Crabbe of Ansul Canada in our office for the last four days training our fire suppression technicians on a number of their products. The first and most important was the CHECKFIRE 110 & 210 controls. I had blogged last week about the discontinuance of the SC-N controls and how good these new controls really are. While we did have a couple of our technicians attend training when the CHECKFIRES where originally rolled out, the time had come to get the technicians from all 4 of our locations trained to install and service this great new technology. 

While CHECKFIRE did take the majority of the time for our training Stuart also took time to refresh and retrain the technicians on LVS (Liquid Vehicle Systems), Red Line Extinguishers, and Cartridge reconditioning and filling. Each of these areas require certification to ensure proper care and use, and it might surprise you to know that additional and separate liability insurances are required to do these types of installations, inspections and maintenance. Some fire protection companies offer the service without realizing that their normal liability won’t cover them, and as such you. I highly recommend that you ensure the company you hire is both certified in the products they service as well and carry the correct type, and value of liability insurance. The last thing you need to find out after a fire is that you are covered but not at a level that will pay for your loss. Statistics show that 25% of businesses do not reopen after a natural disaster and 43% do not re-open after catastrophic data loss. More staggering is that 75% of businesses fail within three years of a natural disaster that do not have business continuity plans.

We are fortunate to have suppliers/partners like Ansul who are as dedicated as we are to ensuring that the people we send to your business truly are experts in their chosen fields. Things will continue to change and evolve in the fire protection industry our job is to stay current so you can focus on what matters most to you…….your business.

If you can make it burn, we can put it out!

Ansul CHECKFIRE Training at Bison Fire Protection

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

ANSUL SC-N Phase-Out Nears

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Ansul released the much anticipated CHECKFIRE 110 and 210 in June of 2014, and it has been a fantastic addition to their product line. Updating fire protection technology in the mining, forestry, and industrial sectors of our business is not something we see regularly. When these new controls were introduced at the International Mining Show in 2012 we couldn’t wait to get our hands on them. Suppression is a unique area of fire protection with a variety of different agents, and applications. We are constantly looking for new challenges that the CHECKFIRE controls can be applied to, and experience has shown they are out there.

When new products enter the market and are well received the older equipment takes a back seat and eventually move towards phase out. This is the case with the SC-N while it has been a very good fire system control for the years it was in service the time has come to say goodbye being officially phased out in May of 2015. If you consider how many people still have rabbit ears on the TV’s, and ask how many would like to go back to them, you start to understand the next generation of fire protection, and why we have been so quick to adopt, and implement these great new control heads. The CHECKFIRE 110 and 210 offer many new options such as;

  • Multiple detection and actuation options
  • Supervised, plug-and-play circuits
  • Built for extreme environments
  • Dust and water tight (IP67 rated)
  • Automatic or manual actuation
  • Internal reserve power source
  • Downloadable 4,000+ event history log with real-time stamp
  • System isolation features

The CHECKFIRE controls have been readily adopted by many long term Ansul customers once they see the benefits of having them. Bison Fire will team-up with our partners at Ansul to give full demonstrations on the CHECKFIRE capabilities. Please contact Mike Webster our Suppression Supervisor to make arrangements. 

If you can make it burn, we can put it out!

Ansul CHECKFIRE 210 at Bison Fire Protection

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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Training Continues….

With the holidays behind us, and our resolutions ahead of us it’s time to get back on track. We believe in keeping our people up to date on all of their skills and many of the schools we send them to provide some very good technical information, but that isn’t where training ends. There are many “tricks of the trade” that supervisors and senior technicians can share with newer people, and even with each other to ensure we really understand how fire systems of any type work.

Manufactures talk about, and teach the new technology that they release on a regular basis, but seldom to these same manufacturers discuss older products. In their mind that is the past, and they are moving forward. That’s business I get it. However the older products have been installed, are working as designed, and will remain in place for years to come. This is where the in house training is critical. The experience our senior people have is priceless, and if they don’t share it, it will become lost as new tech’s enter the industry.

I’ve said many times the difference between action and panic is training. The last thing any building owner needs is a technician who panics because he doesn’t know what he’s looking at, or equally as bad turns a blind eye to an issue to avoid looking bad at the office. I think we all understand the repercussions of not knowing or doing the job correctly with life safety equipment. The life you save could be your own.

If you can make it burn, we can put it out!


Bison Fire doing "In house training"

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