Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bison Fire Joins The Winnipeg Chamber Ambassadors

The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors are a dedicated team of members who strive to maintain a strong and vibrant Chamber of Commerce through volunteerism, networking and professional development.


I was talking to a couple of the other new Ambassadors Sari Fields of Send out Cards, and Phillis Byer-Kohanchuk of Shaw Cablesystems, we we’re all proud to be accepted as new ambassadors today, and look forward to helping the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, and it’s members get as much value as possible from the many events the Chamber holds.


I can’t say enough about the support that Bison Fire has received from the WCC, and I can’t wait to start giving back to the members, and meeting new friends as I get more involved.



There is protection within the herd!


New Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bison Fire Extinguishers

Branding isn’t something cowboys do anymore, well they might, but I don’t move in those circles because I’m afraid I’ll come home smelling roasted, and not able to sit for a few weeks. Branding is important in business, and as the preferred supplier of fire equipment to so many different types of business when we were offered the chance to make our extinguishers more recognizable to our customers we couldn’t pass on the opportunity!


In my post “Ansul comes to Bison” I had hinted at a product that would be exclusive to Bison Fire Protection. Well the phones lit up with people wanting to know what was coming. I’m pleased to share the news now.




These high quality, precision made, 5 and 10 pound ABC dry chemical extinguishers meet all ULC listings, and have the best firefighting ratings available in Canada!


I could go on and on about these extinguishers, and what they could do to save your business, or your life, and have in many past posts. The best thing you can do is ask your service technician about them the next time we’re in your building providing the best service the industry has to offer.



There is protection within the herd!


The Bison Herd Gets Larger! Bison Fire Extinguishers

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Local Fare

Localfare "The Trade Show" was held yesterday at the Winnipeg Convention Centre on a day that was called Winnipeg's coldest of the year until today came along. Even though the temperatures outside were freezing everyone at the show was sizzling hot. With so many displays, and great booths the excitement was running high.

I always look at these shows as both an opportunity to meet new people that are interested in having fire equipment that not only meets fire codes, but also works when needed as discussed in my "Owner Inspections Are Crucial" post. I also welcome the chance to say hello to the many customers we deal with, many who have become friends over the years, that chance to catch-up in today’s busy work environment is something I truly value.

This show is only one part of the many things the Manitoba Restaurant &Food Services Association does for its members, and with the support of all of its members provides a much needed voice of support when the restaurant industry faces new challenges.

There is protection within the herd!

Local Fare 2013<

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Owner Inspections Are Crucial

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The New Year is upon us and it’s great to be back. After some difficulty with the delivery system we use, we are back and I have a number of good topics coming up.


We received a call from a customer between Christmas, and New Years who had his Ansul R-102 kitchen suppression system go off at night due to a fire. The suppression agent sprayed out of the automan creating a mess in a different area instead of flowing through the pipe, and spraying the hazard area it was designed for. Fortunately the staff was quick on their feet because when the system didn’t work as designed they were able to extinguish the fire with the two Class-K portable extinguishers on site. After numerous attempts to contact their previous service provider they called us, and we got them operational again.


There were a number of concerns as to why this happened. The first being that the cylinder had recently been changed from an older style to the current stainless steel cylinder pictured, while this was the right thing to do for the customer, there needs to be follow through. The old cylinders used black steel unions to connect to the piping the new cylinders use an adapter/tube assembly that contains a burst disc. The burst disc is used to contain the agent due to significant temperature fluctuations in the area where the tank is located. I can only assume the technician didn’t have the correct parts to complete the job, but that was back in May of 2012 as seen in the picture, so it’s safe to say he never returned to complete the job.


The second concern was that the nozzles were all plugged with grease. So even if the piping had been connected the agent would not have been able to spray out onto the hazard areas as designed. A full inspection includes a puff, or balloon test to ensure the piping and nozzles are clear of obstructions this is a fire code requirement.


The third concern was that it seems the customer was not following the steps outlined in the Ansul Owner’s Manual as following steps 4 & 5 might have prevented this from going as far as it did. I have attached a copy of the manual so that it can be downloaded for your convenience. As a restaurant owner the onus is on you to ensure the maintenance and operation of your fire suppression systems, or any fire equipment for that matter are regularly serviced by companies certified to maintain that specific manufacturer’s equipment. Monthly “in house” inspections are also in fire code, and should be done. It could save your business, or more importantly, your life.


There is protection within the herd


Ansul System Incorrectly Connected

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