Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bison Goes SOLO

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We always strive to be at the front of technology and advancements in the fire protection industry. Our Fire Alarm Division has without a doubt the hardest job keeping up with technical changes due to rapid changes in electronic development and advancement.

The addition of SOLO testing equipment to our Fire Alarm Service Division will aid us in a number of areas for both smoke and heat detection testing.

Smoke Detector Testing

Test requirements for smoke detectors vary but fall broadly into two categories:

  • Functional (or Operational) Testing

Functional checking is accomplished by introducing a smoke, or simulated smoke, stimulus from the protected area through the vents of a detector to the sensor. It is required by all national standards around the world and testing by electronic means that do not involve this test is not sufficient to comply.

  • Calibration (or Sensitivity) Testing

Sensitivity testing confirms whether the detector’s performance is within the acceptable parameters. Although some provincial codes accept field sensitivity tests of smoke detectors by electronic means it can only be properly done by introducing a quantified source of smoke or surrogate smoke to the detector from the protected atmosphere.

Heat Detector Testing

Functional checking of heat detectors, with a genuine heat source, is now required by major national standards around the world. Testing with heat sources not designed for the purpose can be both dangerous and damaging causing premature replacement for the heat detector.

Including these types of tools in our daily inspections ensures the testing of each type of fire alarm device will meet or exceed fire code standards, while reducing the incidents of early replacement saving the building owner unnecessary costs, and down time due to component replacements.

There is protection within the herd!

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bison’s Sprinkler Division Shines!

Wal-Mart in Steinbach Manitoba opened for business this past January and marks another successful project by Bison Fire Protection Sprinkler Division!


Our contract included the design, engineering, supply and installation of a complete sprinkler system for this newly constructed 120,000 square foot building.  Over 2 kilometers of sprinkler pipe was installed in less than 90 days.  We would like to thank our installation crew for all of their hard work meeting tough deadlines and turning over a system they can truly be proud of.   Since the completion of Wal-Mart our crew has now moved onto the new Cabalas in Fort Whyte where we are currently installing the sprinkler system and are about 80% complete.  We are also looking forward to several more installation projects starting this spring as construction is really starting to heat up


There is protection within the herd!


Bison's Professional Fitters Working on a lift.Another Great Sprinkler Installation by Bison Fire!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Service Coordinator Wanted!

Bison Fire Protection is currently seeking an Experienced Service Coordinator. A working knowledge of the Fire Safety Service Industry would be an asset. Excellent communication and organizational skills required along with the ability to multitask with clients and staff scheduling service work on a continual basis. Working knowledge of Microsoft office is required. Bison Fire Protection has a full benefit plan. Your salary will be based upon your experience.

For more information on this exciting new opportunity interested and qualified parties should submit their resume with cover page to Mark Johnson (Operations Manager) mjohnson@bisonfire.com

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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Red River College Just Keeps Growing

There are so many great projects going on in Winnipeg right now that it’s hard to believe Toronto is the centre of the universe.


The Paterson Global Foods Institute that has the hospitality and culinary arts programs of Red River College and six floors of student residences will officially open is Feb. 21. We were a large part of that project installing eleven Ansul R-102 Kitchen Suppression systems in twenty nine hoods, with the largest being an 18 gallon system, easily the largest ever installing in Winnipeg! I have more pictures on our Facebook page.


This project was a true test of our technician’s abilities, and I’m proud to say they shone! As I said earlier there are so many great projects going on in Winnipeg, The Met, Great West Life, HSC to name a few, and Bison Fire has been the Fire Protection provider for every one of them. The investment in our city and province is fantastic and adds so much more to the quality of life we enjoy here.


I’m hearing great things about 2013, and look forward to the next big challenge!


There is protection within the herd!


Ansul R-102 18 Gallon SystemAnsul R-102 12 Gallon SystemRRC's Jane's Kitchen

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