Wednesday, December 02, 2015

New Equipment for Bison Fire in Thompson

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Our Office in Thompson continually does us proud. When I consider where we started with that office back in 2006 with one person managing, servicing, handling inventory, and all the paperwork, to the five full time people we now have. This doesn’t include other staff members that regularly make the journey to “The Hub of the North”.

The Thompson office has grown to include all the products and services we offer with the city and surrounding area having supported us every step of the way. This support is reciprocated in having trained professional technicians now living locally. The days of waiting days for support or paying additional travel expenses from Winnipeg have become a thing of the past, and this is a savings every business in town enjoys.

With business volumes increasing it was time to invest in Thompson again. They need very specialized equipment to do their jobs to meet stringent fire code requirements, as well as to offer quality customer service. In speaking with Darren Garand the District Manager we discovered a need to replace aging tools to gain these efficiencies. As such The Thompson office is the new owner of two critical new pieces of equipment a fire extinguisher Hydrostatic tester and an Extinguisher dryer.

The Hydrostatic tester is used to test the integrity of the extinguisher shell. As a pressurized vessel we have to ensure that it doesn’t rupture due to old age and metal fatigue. The Extinguisher dryer does exactly that dries extinguisher shells after being filled with water during the Hydrostatic test. Another critical step because if the dry chemical gets wet it would “Clump” possibly blocking the syphon tube, the internal valve, or the nozzle preventing the extinguisher from discharging.

As I said our Thompson office does us proud, and we want to continue giving back to a community that supports us for the safety of its residents.

If you can make it burn, we can put it out!

Bison Fire Thompson's New Extinguisher DryerBison Fire Thompson's New Hydrostatic Tester

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