Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Why Nurse Call Systems Are Critical

When the time comes that yourself, or a loved one, requires acute or long-term medical care and treatment, you’ll want to know that immediate medical needs can, and will be, met. Bison Fire Protection is now proud to assist in the process of providing immediate and quality medical care, as a Jeron Nurse Call distributor for Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and NorthWest Ontario, all the way up to Thunder Bay.

What is the Jeron Nurse Call System?

A nurse call system is the primary method of communication between patients and staff in any health care facility. Used to alert nurses or other medical staff of immediate patient needs, many nurse call systems simply use a “call button” to alert on-duty staff of any patient needs.

The Jeron Nurse Call system enhances communication within healthcare facilities by providing nurses with a means of communication not only with patients, but with one another. With various nurse call systems developed to meet the specific needs of health care facilities, Jeron Nurse Call systems provide basic call systems, through to flexible communication systems, that provide effective networks between staff members, as well with patients.

Where Jeron Nurse Call Systems Fit

Nurse call systems are a necessity for any health care facility that require immediate patient to staff communication. These call systems are in place to protect all patients, and assist them with any care that may be required. Patient placement in to these facilities is often not by choice, so developing and providing a safe environment for clients and their families is of the utmost importance.

Jeron’s Nurse Call systems can help any healthcare facility efficiently communicate and react to patient’s alerts, including acute care hospitals, nursing home facilities, assisted living complexes, long-term care facilities, and daily medical clinics.

The Necessity of a Professional Nurse Call System

Whether you or your loved one is undergoing a relatively simply day surgery, or must learn to make a long-term care facility a home, patients deserve to feel protected and safe in any medical situation. There are four types of Jeron Nurse Call systems with varying capabilities based on a facility’s needs:

  • Provider 790 Nurse Call: The Provider 790 completely alerts, develops reports and enhances workflow with IP communication solutions, that can work for an entire facility.
  • Provider 680 Nurse Call: This powerful system utilizes integrated communications, to provide superior patient care and overall satisfaction.
  • Provider 680 Tone-Visual Nurse Call: This system comes with Audio-Visual and Tone-Visual aspects, to provide both notification and alerting needs of any care facility.
  • Pro-Alert 610 Nurse Call: The Pro-Alert 610 Nurse Call allows staff members to receive notification of patient’s immediate needs, using tones and indicators at individual nurse consoles, duty stations and light indicators located outside of patient areas.

How to Properly Maintain the Jeron Nurse Call System

Since nurse call systems are utilized daily within many healthcare facilities, ensuring that they are in proper working condition is both necessary and mandatory for patient’s well-being and comfort. Test out these call systems at the same time as other emergency systems, and be sure to take note of any communication errors that may arise.

As an official distributor for the Jeron Nurse Call systems in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and North Western Ontario, Bison Fire Protection is there to help healthcare facilities in the installation, maintenance, and ongoing expert knowledge surrounding the Jeron Nurse Call Systems.

Contact Bison Fire Protection at 866-441-3473 or email at to learn more about our fire prevention services, and to schedule an appointment with a Jeron Nurse Call system expert today.


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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Join Us at the CHES Manitoba Show on April 24th

Bison Fire at the MB CHES Show

On April 24th, the Canadian Healthcare and Engineering Society (CHES) will be holding their 2017 Manitoba chapter conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba. CHES is a national, professional association that represents around 1000 engineers and associates in the healthcare field from all around Canada. Together, they work to better develop and manage the ideal environment for the effective delivery of healthcare services.

This year, Bison Fire Protection will have a booth at the CHES Manitoba Show and want you to come and visit. Since 2001, Bison Fire Protection has offered a wide variety of fire protection services and products. Now, they also offer a full range of Jeron Nurse Call systems, that will be showcased at the CHES Manitoba Show. Learn how these sophisticated nurse call systems can help you best protect your loved ones through live demos with Bison Fire Protection.

Benefits of Attending the CHES Manitoba Show

With each passing year, there is a substantial development in health are equipment available to Canadians who work in or are patients of, the healthcare system. The CHES Manitoba Show allows you to experience the latest in cutting-edge nurse call technologies, and how they enhance communication abilities within any healthcare facility.

When you’re visiting the CHES Manitoba Show, visit the Bison Fire Protection booth to experience a demonstration of the Jeron Nurse Call system. These systems are designed with patient comfort and ease of communication in mind, and you’ll be amazed at how one simple technological upgrade can change the entire environment of your health care facility.

Learn More About Jeron Nurse Call Systems

Bison Fire Protection is now an official distributor of Jeron Nurse Call systems throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and North Western Ontario, all the way to Thunder Bay. These nurse call systems allow staff to attend to any immediate patient needs, while reassuring the families of patients that their loved one will get the care they require, when they need it most.

Much of the time, being placed in a healthcare facility is not a situation made by choice. Bison Fire Protection believes that all patients deserve proper, round-the-clock care, and want to share this practice with as many healthcare facilities as possible.

Immediate and timely care for all patients is of the utmost importance in the medical field, to avoid more drastic events from occurring. The Jeron Nurse Call systems meet the immediate alerting and communication needs of healthcare facilities, including long-term care facilities, nursing and skilled care homes, and acute care hospitals. Providing patients with access to timely medical care offers them peace of mind, no matter their situation.

On April 24th, come and visit the Bison Fire Protection booth at the CHES Manitoba Show. While we provide demonstrations of the Jeron Nurse Call system, we will also be providing information other services we provide hospitals, personal care homes, group homes, palliative care areas, and assisted living condominiums.

Bison Fire Protection professionals have the expertise to deliver exceptional results, and high-quality solutions, for your fire protection needs. Contact us today at 866-441-3473 for more information about how our services can help keep you and your loved ones safe.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Protecting Your Data Centre From Fire Hazards

Data centers are hugely vulnerable and vital areas of business operations, with sensitive information held within. Typically, these centers are composed of a large group of computer servers, running on one network. Data centers are used by large organizations to store, process, and distribute their data. This software and hardware are of the utmost importance, considering the invaluable information that they store, and process, daily.

Thus, the protection of these data centers is imperative in ensuring safe and confidential operation and of any large organization working with sensitive information. Luckily, there are a variety of tactics and systems available for corporations to safeguard their data and computer networks. Fire suppression systems work to extinguish and control fires, without the intervention or immediate action of humans. As data centers run using a large network of electrical inputs, wires, and heat, these remote locations may be at risk of fire.

Protect your sensitive data center from potential fire outbreaks using the following safety tips:

Have Early Warning Systems in Place

Early fire warning systems are composed of one, or many, devices that serve to detect fire-related combustion, whether it is visible or not. Once a combustion particle is detected, early fire warning systems - like fire alarm systems - work to notify individuals either within or outside of a building of the appearance of a fire. Usually, these systems use an audible alarm system, but in remote data centers, some systems can notify staff off-site of a fire.

Early warning systems should be utilized in conjunction with immediate protection, such as automatic response extinguishing systems. In data centers, these automatic extinguishers must be carefully placed, as to damage as little technology as possible. Targeted sprinklers, or fire-retardant cages are great fire suppressing agents for data centers, as they can contain a fire within a certain area.

Develop a Formal Fire Safety Plan

Data centers are dependent on well-devised and detailed plans, and the development of a functional fire suppression plan should be no different.

  • Explore and identify any potential fire hazards that exist within a data center, such as faulty wires, computers that tend to over-heat, or flammable materials within the center. The best fire protection plans notice threats of fire, and addresses these problems, before any fire can begin.
  • Check with your local fire authority and existing laws to ensure that your fire protection plan complies with laws and safety measures within your area.
  • Test your fire suppression systems, and test them often. Regular maintenance of these systems assists you and your employees in protecting the data center, and reduces stress overall.
  • Pay close attention to expiry dates on fire suppression appliances, such as fire extinguishers.
  • Ensure that you and your staff are well-trained and orientated in all aspects of your data center’s fire safety plan.

Protecting your data center from a fire hazard is an easily manageable task, with the right information, and expertise. The fire protection professionals at Bison Fire Protection want to help keep you, and your organization’s data, safe. Call 866-441-3473 for more information on our services, or to schedule an appointment today.

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Monday, April 03, 2017

It's Chip Truck Season!

Extreme Fries and Bison Fire ProtectionBison Fire Protection Technician

Chip truck season is upon us. Festivals all over the province enjoy the tasty treats they bring us. Most of these types of trucks or trailers have commercial cooking equipment on board along with commercial ventilation systems. They also have both automatic kitchen fire suppression systems and fire extinguishers. 

These fire systems must have inspections done semi/annually to meet safety, insurance, and fire code requirements. In some cases like Extreme Fries they come by our office and have one of our certified technicians perform the inspections in other cases our tech’s come to their locations.

We sure enjoy giving them business all summer, but we appreciate providing them with the best service in the industry when they need our support too.

Anyone wanting to book an appointment for their inspection can contact Holly toll free at 866 441 2374 to ensure a fantastic summer season.

If you can make it burn, we can put it out!


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